There is no TV show more synonymous with summer, blonde hair, and California daydreams than Beverly Hills 90210. In honor of the show’s recent reboot, we’re breaking down tips and tricks to help you maintain that classic cult-level blonde rocked by Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth. We sat down with celebrity stylist and colorist, Bradley Leake, to get the scoop on how to protect blonde hair. He’s sharing all of his hair tips and tricks with us below.

“Being a hair colorist in sunny California, it’s no surprise that most of the women who sit in my chair want to be shades of blonde,” shares Bradley. “But after the hours of tedious foil work and color placement, time, and money, making sure that your blonde stays bright and healthy between appointments can be quite the task.”

Celebrity Stylist Bradley Leake’s Go-To Products to Protect (+ Style) Blonde Hair Shades

Bradley’s first recommendation? Color Security Shampoo. “This shampoo cleans the canvas and leaves NOTHING behind on the hair. Color safe and GENTLE, it leaves the hair with a shiny, lightweight, no product feel.” Unlike most shampoos which contain leave behind ingredients, Color Security Shampoo only contains ingredients that rinse away completely. (Learn more about how it works here.) This means there’s no stay-behind ingredients that can distort or stain your platinum blonde hair.


Bradley then recommends following up with Color Security Conditioner. “It smooths, detangles, and adds shine with no pearlizing agents. Many conditioners have artificial dyes or pearlizing agents which look pretty in the bottle and in your hand, but can actually discolor your blonde tresses.” Pearlizers are just one of many ingredients that can corrupt your color – learn more about ingredients to avoid here.


When it comes time to style, Bradley’s number one weapon is Brass-Banned Mousse. “The key to the 90210 blonde is keeping that bright but neutral tone. Using a mousse that’s tinted like this is great for blondes. It is gentle and has just enough of a corrective toner to make any yellow hue disappear. Plus, it adds guts to the hair for the perfect blowout or ‘lived in’ style.”


If your icy blonde hair starts to turn dingy or yellow, worry not. Bradley has a trick for that too. “Dream Filter is a gentle pre-shampoo treatment to remove any mineral or hard water build up – it almost instantly restores your color. I recommend using it every 3rd or 4th shampoo (or as needed depending if you live in areas with hard water).” Want to learn more about Dream Filter and how it protects your blonde hair? Click here.

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