Keep your colour glossy, vibrant and first-day fresh with this expert advice to fight colour fade.

Hate to see your hair colour turning dimmer, darker, duller every day? We’re with you. At Color Wow, we’re obsessed with tracking answers to the questions on everybody’s mind: why the heck does hair colour fade so quickly? And what can we do to keep our hair colour looking as fresh and pure as it did on day one?

No denying: great glossy, saturated hair colour is a MAJOR beauty and mood boost. Yep, everything in life is better when we’re lovin’ our colour! And at Color Wow, we want to keep those fresh-colour good feels going.

So we’ve made it our mission to ID the world’s worst colour-killers and shut them down. We’ve created a whole arsenal of products that not only up your styling game, but preserve, protect and extend your hair colour in ways that will surprise you.

Read on to learn more about hidden colour-killers lurking in places you might never suspect…



Here’s a common source of colour-dulling you might not realize: hard water (or well water) that contains a heavy concentration of minerals can warp your hair colour and make it look dingy and off-tint. When you’ve got minerals like calcium, lime, magnesium in your water supply, they build up in your hair. And while the effect can almost go unnoticed day-to-day, over time the negative effect on your colour can be dramatic.

But we’ve got a solution to “hard water hair” that works in under three minutes – and the effect is equally, if not MORE dramatic. Just spray Dream Filter Pre-shampoo Mineral Remover on dry hair. Leave it for a few minutes, while it works like a magnet to lift away dulling mineral deposits. Then shampoo, and voilà! Your first-day fresh colour is revealed…. back and bright as ever!

And while we’re talking shampoo….let’s admit: shampoo is ground zero for colour-killing.


Shampoo seems innocent enough, and we often take for granted that it’s giving our hair the TLC it deserves. But all shampoos are not created equal…..or even safe when it comes to protecting your hair colour. There are actually three major rules when choosing a shampoo for colour-treated hair:

Rule #1: *Never* buy a shampoo that isn’t sulfate-free. Sulfates are harsh detergents that can dehydrate hair and strip colour. Yikes!

Rule #2: Avoid formulas that contain ingredients that stay behind and stick to your hair (we’re talking conditioning agents, silicones, natural oils, pearlizing agents, thickening agents). These leave a film on your strands, resulting in colour dulling. (Or much worse! Read this related blog on how shampoos that leave residues on your hair and scalp can cause hair loss.)

Rule #3: Don’t try to “fix” dull looking hair with a clarifying shampoo. These are very harsh and will strip away your hair’s essential moisture….and probably pull out colour molecules as well. A better option? Dream Filter Pre-shampoo Mineral Removing Spray.

So, what’s your best shampoo choice for healthiest hair and freshest colour? Color Wow Color Security Shampoo. Its gentle, sulfate-free, 100% clean formula doesn’t contain any ingredients that don’t rinse off completely. It simply cleans... as all shampoos should! Definitely your hair colour’s BFF.

Want more tips about how to shampoo safely and keep your colour vibrant? Read this!



Not exactly but it can cause colour distortion. You might be thinking, “what does conditioner have to do with my hair colour??” A lot, actually, if the formula contains ingredients made of nitrogen groups that oxidize, turning hair colour yellow or brown.

Another no-no? Opaque conditioning agents. Similar to residues for shampoos, they leave a film on your hair that hides your hair’s vibrancy. Our go-to? Color Wow Color Security Conditioner for its translucent, non-colour-corrupting formula.



If your hair colour pulls to unwanted warm hues like yellow, red, or orange, then you’re dealing with brassy hair. A lot of people turn to so-called purple and blue shampoos to correct this colour mishap, but that can get incredibly messy and leave your hair with a grey or purple tinge.

There’s a much simpler, friendlier, easier, LESS MESSY solution: Color Wow’s Brass Banned Mousse. This unique product is a leave-in toner + styler all in one. It contains just enough purple or blue tint (purple for blondes, blue for dark haired babes) to cool down brassy tones. So you’re left with a fresher colour in one blow-dry – plus major bounce and style memory!



The biggest styling mistake people make is using a hairspray that contains typical ingredients (like fragrances) that yellow, darken, or even dull your colour. At Color Wow, we’ve banned over 60 ingredients (contained in many popular hair products) because they can actually ruin your hair colour. (Read why we’re known as “the ingredient police”).

Our Color Wow Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible Hairspray is a clear favorite among celeb stylists. You can’t use too much! And its clear formula is a must for keeping your colour true and bright. Bonus: Cult Favorite even gives you a glossy finish!



Shine is your hair colour’s best friend. When the strands reflect light, your hair looks overall healthier and the colour looks brighter, fresher, and full of multi-dimensional hues.

At Color Wow, conquering “dull” and adding “shine” is always our goal: we want you to be the boss of gloss. So we are constantly upping the shine factor for your hair. (Read about our Dream Regime, that boosts shine from even before you shampoo).

On dry, styled hair…

We love using Color Wow Pop & Lock ultralight smoothing + glossing serum. This not only instantly revives dull, faded hair colour but calms frizz and transforms your dry, dehydrated hair into silky, sleek strands – and importantly, acts as a UV filter to help protect against colour fade when you’re in the sun.

For that extra measure of shine, spritz on some Color Wow Extra Shine Spray. This lightweight, non-greasy shiner has a crystal-clear formula, so you get ultra shine and your colour stays intact. Pro tip: use a flat iron over Extra for intense shine.

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