Dream Filter Reviews: Here's Why Our Pre-Shampoo Treatment Is Key for Combatting the Effects of Hard Water

When it comes to the quality of water in our showers, some of us draw very short sticks. In the U.S. alone, 85% of households have hard water, which is water that contains high traces of minerals and metals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and copper.

Globally, those of us living in Ireland, England, Wales, Australia, and Canada are also dealing with harsh water conditions on the daily. Which makes us sad. Why? Because hard water is bad for hair! It causes all kinds of mineral buildup on hair and the scalp.

There is no doubt that hard water wreaks havoc on our precious locks when we shower. What are the hard water effects on hair? They range from turning strands dull, dingy, to dry to coarse, unmanageable texture, and even to color distortion (i.e., weird shades of green, yellow, orange, or brown).

If you’ve been struggling with any and all of the above, we hate to say it, but you’re most likely dealing with hard water.


We’re glad you asked! Up until recently, your only real option was to pick up a clarifying shampoo from the drug store. But these tend to be harsh and drying. And, well, we couldn’t help ourselves (because you deserve better!!), so we invented a safer, quicker, gentler solution.

Our Color Wow Dream Filter Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover Spray works like a magnet to attract minerals and metals, which its gentle formula then encapsulates for ease of washing away. The result? Lighter, brighter, cleaner, picture-perfect hair in mere minutes.


color wow dream filterBecause there are people all over the world who struggle with hard water hair, we decided to put Dream Filter to the test in some of the worst hard water locations.

Check out these incredible testimonies and before + after pics to see the astonishing difference Dream Filter can make to your own hair!

My Hair Heroes

“This product has TRANSFORMED my hair from a brassy golden blonde (5 weeks post color appointment) to an actual blonde color I always wanted!! My hair still feels fresh and I’ve not had it colored in 6 weeks!!”
– Denise Kenny, blogger, Dublin Ireland

Wow I’m impressed!!

“This is a pre-shampoo spray that will give your scalp a good clean and remove product built-up as well as all the nasties in our water (the UK is particularly bad). If you’ve ever used a clarifying shampoo you will know the ‘tight’ feeling it can leave afterwards. No more of that with Dream Filter though!”
@fani_breakeven, United Kingdom

Miracle product

“This has been an absolute lifesaver. I had no idea about hard water/well water until I bought a house in Texas and it destroyed my hair. I had to cut off my long hair and it just wouldn’t grow. This has given life back to my hair and everyone lately has said how healthy my hair looks.”
– Brittney M., Texas

The texture difference was fabulous!

“This product helped get rid of that scratchy, sticky, tangly texture that happens when minerals and deposits build up in your hair. I have city water but I’m in SW Florida where, let’s face it, there are a lot of additives in the tap. Rusty pipes are a given here, too.”
– Christa P., Florida

Absolutely love

“I have really hard iron-based water and I used this for 3 minutes on my hair, washed and conditioned and it was like I had a brand new head of hair.”
– Mike J., United Kingdom


“The name says it all. I live in Michigan where rust and minerals in water is part of our daily life. This product - has no smell, feels like water when you put it on and in 5 minutes completely changed my hair color. It is amazing.”
– Guest Verified Buyer, Michigan

Vast improvement from first use

“I have heavy colored blonde hair, live in a very hard water area but have a water softener...my hair was really weighed down and the color was looking dull. This product has given me more bounce and the color looks brighter.”
– QVC Reviewer, United Kingdom

No more brass!

“I live in the mountains of Northern California, my water source comes from a well and I have bleached blonde hair too...I used the Dream Filter and let it sit for 3 min. I noticed a change instantly when combing out my hair.”
– Guest Verified Buyer, Northern California


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