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Color Wow Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Spray Fights Frizz and Humidity Proofs HairColor Wow Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Spray

Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

$28.00 $12.00
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Color Security ShampooColor Security Shampoo

Color Security Shampoo

$24.00 $11.00
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Dream Coat Curly is a light weight curl spray that hydrates and defines waves and curlsDream Coat Curly is the best Curly Hair Spray for frizz free soft curls

Dream Coat For Curly Hair

$24.00 $12.00
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Dream Filter For Picture-Perfect ColorDream Filter For Picture-Perfect Color

Dream Filter For Picture-Perfect Color

$24.00 $10.00
Big Hair BundleBig Hair Bundle
On sale

Big Hair Bundle

$50.00 $50.00 $70.00
Best Glass Hair Duo, EVER!Best Glass Hair Duo, EVER!
On sale

Best Glass Hair Duo, EVER!

$51.00 $51.00 $57.00
Best Anti-Frizz Curl Styling SetBest Anti-Frizz Curl Styling Set
On sale

Best Anti-Frizz Curl Styling Set

$54.00 $54.00 $68.00
Chris Appleton's Wash Day FavsChris Appleton's Wash Day Favs
On sale

Chris Appleton's Wash Day Favs

$55.00 $55.00 $69.00

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