Keen to learn more about how to fight the frizz when it strikes? There are many different anti-frizz solutions - from styling products like Color Wow Dream Coat to salon treatments specifically targeted at frizzy hair - you just have to make sure you’re choosing the right ones.


When it comes to products, it may be tempting to pick up the cleansers that promise to fight frizz and keep your hair sleek. But hold tight. While those products sound amazing (after all, who doesn’t want added frizz fighting benefits – especially in higher-humidity months!) those cleansers are a definite no-no. Any time a shampoo promises to do anything other than clean – you’re in trouble.

Why? All of those other ingredients included in your shampoos (including the ones that promise to help fight frizzy hair) will end up sticking to your scalp as you massage the product in, and over time they can cause serious build up.

And if you use them enough, they can start to clog your follicles, prevent hair growth and even cause thinning and hair loss - for more information on the link between shampoo and hair loss, you can check out our guide.

That’s definitely not the frizz solution you were looking for. Your best bet is to keep your cleanser simple – opt for one that contains no added ingredients, just simple, gentle cleansing ingredients. Our favorite is Color Security Shampoo.

Instead of looking to cleansers to combat the frizz, leave the heavy-lifting of humidity-proofing your hair to your conditioners and stylers because you don’t massage these products into your scalp. Our go-to for frizz fighter is Dream Coat Supernatural Spray.

color wow dream coat spray

It contains a unique proprietary formula that works to compress, tighten, and seal strands so that your hair is sleek, smooth, and silky. It lasts up to three shampoos, and unlike most heavy serums, Dream Coat is totally weightless. It’s a great solution for day to day styling and banishing the effects of spring humidity.

Take a look at our article on how to stop frizz for more product and lifestyle tips.


Looking for a more permanent fix? If you have extremely coarse, frizzy hair that’s tough to work with, chemical treatments can help get rid of frizzy hair. You know the ones we’re talking about – Keratin treatments, Japanese hair straightening, Brazilian blowouts – all permanent hair straightening solutions.

Each of these options requires an investment (usually a few hundred dollars) but can certainly help manage coarse frizzy hair. If you’re considering one of these treatments, make sure you see a professional stylist.

If done incorrectly they can cause serious damage to your hair, and no one wants that. Here’s a quick synopsis on each treatment:


Japanese straightening (sometimes called rebonding) uses a solution (usually an Ammonium thioglycolate solution) to break down the internal bonds in hair that give it a wavy/curly shape. Once the solution is applied, hair is straightened to create a new shape and then the style is locked into place with a neutralizer. The entire process takes a few hours (depending on the length of your hair).

One thing to note:

  • If you already have weak hair, this treatment will only make it weaker. And the only way to ‘remove’ it, is to slowly grow out your hair and cut it off.


Keratin treatments for frizzy hair temporarily straighten hair, and usually last between three to six months. What is keratin? This treatment works to reduce frizz, waves, or curls – and in turn, make day to day styling easier. The process involves sealing a liquid keratin on to the outer layer of hair strands with a titanium iron. After the treatment has fully set in the hair (usually around 72 hours), the hair can be washed with a gentle sulfate-free shampoo (we recommend Color Security Shampoo).

A few things to note:

  • This salon treatment for frizzy hair is usually given the okay by stylists if a client already has color treated hair, however if you have bleached hair that’s super fine it may not be the best for your hair type.
  • At one point Keratin treatments were considered very controversial because some contain (or used to contain) formaldehyde. The exact ingredients in your treatment can be clarified by a stylist.


A Brazilian hair treatment (often referred to as a Brazilian Blowout) also helps to minimize frizz. This type of salon treatment for frizzy hair is also often recommended for clients with color treated hair. The main difference is that a Brazilian Blowout can be customized.

You can opt for full on straightening, or you can go with a smoother version of your natural texture. Much like a keratin treatment, a formula (usually consisting of amino acids) is applied to the outer layer of your hair, and the look can be customized by the amount of formula applied.

In addition, a stylist can seal the formula at different temperatures in order to achieve different looks. To ensure your treatment lasts up to 12 weeks, you’ll want to use a gentle sulfate-free shampoo (like Color Security Shampoo) to avoid stripping the treatment.

color security shampoo

A few things to note:

  • Some Brazilian Blowout formulas are actually designed to work with color treated hair, because the formula can fill in and seal the cuticle post color service, helping to lock in the color.
  • Because Brazilian Blowouts are more customizable, you can keep your natural texture, and just have a smoother, less frizzy version of it – which means that as you’re growing out the treatment you won’t have to deal with a harsh line (like you would a Japanese treatment).
  • Brazilian Blowouts faced a similar controversy to Keratin treatments, in that some were known to contain formaldehyde. The exact ingredients in your treatment can be clarified by a stylist.

After any of these treatments your hair can then be blow dried or left to dry naturally, and will be much softer, shinier, smoother and manageable than before the treatment. Even after getting a treatment like this, you may want to straighten or smooth your hair even more (especially as the effects of non-permanent treatments, like keratin treatments or Brazilian blowouts, start to lessen).

If you really want that super glossy look and want to protect it from humidity you can turn to our Dream Coat range - with three options to choose from depending on your haircare needs.

Dream Coat can help make sure you get the most out of these treatments, by sleeking, smoothing, and defrizzing even more and providing a needed humidity shield. The ultra-lightweight formula will ensure you get a smooth, glossy look without weighing down your strands.



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