Imagine: perfectly bundled, bouncy, glossy, curls that look and feel like nothing is on your hair. Curl Wow's "Naked Technology" (our proprietary Profaxil-18 Complex™) moisturizes, defrizzes, and defines curls with new mico-dispersion technology.... so there's no weight, no greasy feel, no crunch, no rigid cast. Each formula optimizes mositure and minimizes breakage for super healthy, hydrated, springy results.

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Snag-Free ~ Pre-Shampoo DetanglerSnag-Free ~ Pre-Shampoo Detangler
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Snag-Free Pre-Shampoo Detangler

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Which conditioner is best for curly hair? Coco-motion, it hydrates hair with coconut oil.Coco-Motion ~ Lubricating Conditioner

Coco-Motion Lubricating Conditioner

Curl Wow's Flo-etry is the best smoothing serum for curly hairFlo-etry ~ Vital Natural Serum

Flo-etry Vital Natural Serum

Shook ~ Mix + Fix Bundling SprayShook ~ Mix + Fix Bundling Spray

Shook Mix + Fix Bundling Spray