How to Fix a Frizzy Human Hair Wig

Let’s face it, a human hair wig can be a great asset to any wardrobe. Yet, sometimes that perfect look can be ruined by a single issue: frizz. Nothing says “bad hair day” like an unruly and wildly frizzy wig. But don’t worry, you don’t have to throw out your wig just yet! 

This blog will teach you how to fix those frizzies and keep your lace front or full lace human hair wig looking super glossy and in good condition for years to come. 

What makes a wig frizzy?

Before we jump into how to fix a frizzy human hair wig, let's take a moment to understand why it happens in the first place.

dr joe cincottaOur in-house chemist, Dr. Joe Cincotta, frizz expert and creator of the first ever frizz product to come to market, explains frizz as something that occurs when the hair strands are misaligned either due to DNA, chemical processing, styling abuse, too much heat etc. Hair looks dry and damaged, causing a rough, raised cuticle that stands up and create a fuzzy texture."

When it comes to wigs, one of the most common causes of frizz is washing. Human hair wigs require washing to keep them looking fresh and clean, but if you're not careful, you can easily damage the hair fibers, causing them to become frizzy, tangled and overworked.

5 tips for safely washing your wig

How you wash your wig is essential for keeping your hair in its best condition. Here’s how to wash correctly...

Wigs should be washed every 7-8 uses to keep them in their best condition

When washing, use a sulfate-free and residue-free shampooSulfates are harsh chemicals that can strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and prone to frizz.

Look for a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo that's designed for human hair wigs. Similarly, shampoos that contain excess ingredients that claim to “defrizz, volumize or moisturize” leave behind residues that build up on the wig, weigh down the strands making them more difficult to style and are dulling.

color wow shampoo

Color Security Shampoo
is a gentle, sulfate and residue-free shampoo that leaves hair 100% clean because every ingredient rinses off.

Avoid hot water

Hot water can damage the hair fibers and cause them to become frizzy. Instead, use lukewarm water when washing your wig.

Be gentle

When washing your wig, be gentle and avoid scrubbing or rubbing the hair too vigorously. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the hair before washing, and gently work the shampoo through the hair with your fingers.

Use a deep conditioner or leave-in treatment

A deep conditioner can help to restore moisture to the hair and prevent frizz. Look for a conditioner that's specifically designed for human hair wigs.

color wow money masque

Celeb stylist and human hair wig connoisseur, Chris Appleton, created Money Masque to give natural hair and human hair wigs an expensive-looking, super-luxe texture.

Keep your wig looking hydrated and healthy with his deep-conditioning treatment mask that takes just 3 minutes to achieve results.

color wow money mist

Another of our frizz-fighters is Money Mista luxurious, lightweight leave-in conditioning spray, gives you 82% less frizz in just one use, and leaves your hair looking glossy and expensive.

Spray evenly on clean, damp hair before styling as usual. Read more about the science behind the product here.

Air dry or dry on low heat

Avoid using high heat on your human hair wig as the heat can cause the hair to become frizzy. Instead, gently blot the hair with a towel and then either let it air dry on a wig stand or mannequin head or blow dry on low heat.

    Top tips for maintaining the condition of your wig

    Now that you know how to properly wash your wig, let’s talk about how to properly care for it post-wash. You've probably heard the old saying, "prevention is better than cure". Well, this applies to fixing a frizzy human hair wig too.

    Keeping your wig in good condition and maintaining its luster, as we’ve talked about, is paramount if you want it to last for a long time. Here are a few more tips to keep your wig at its best:

    Keep It Covered

    When you're not wearing your wig, it's important to keep it covered so you won't have to worry about dust and dirt getting on your wig. Invest in a breathable wig cap and some soft fabric pillowcases that are free of dyes and fragrances. This will ensure that your wig stays safe while you're sleeping or otherwise not wearing it.

    Avoid Heat Damage

    You can use heat tools to style your human hair wig, but be sure to use low-medium settings, as high-temperature styling can cause breakage, frizzing and split ends. The same applies with blow drying. 

    Using a heat protectant is also key. Every single Color Wow product (aside from the shampoo and Dream Filter which wash off) has heat protectants built in! Dream Coat Supernatural Spray is ideal for human hair wigs as it provides THREE heat protectants, is a multi-award winning anti-frizz treatment and will give your wig that glass-like shine that Dream Coat is famous for!

    Comb Carefully

    Your human hair wig has delicate strands that are prone to breakage. To prevent this from happening when combing or brushing, always start from the ends of your strands and work your way up until all tangles have been removed.

    Also make sure that you don't tug too hard on the strands as this can cause even more damage! Additionally, placing your wig on a wig stand and sectioning the hair can make the process even easier.

    Restoring your wig after damage has been done

    A few simple steps can help you restore your wig and prevent further breakage and frizziness. Here are some key steps for managing a frizzy wig:

    1. After shampooing, use a conditioner to soften the hair and make it easier to comb through. This is especially important if you have tight curls. Then apply Dream Cocktail Coconut-Infused, a leave-in treatment that turns dry, frizzy, tangled hair to silky smooth hair in a single blow dry.

    2. After towel drying your wig, lightly spritz it with water before using a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush to brush out any tangles or knots. Take care not to tug on any knots or tangles too hard as this can cause further damage to your wig.

    3. Apply Dream Coat Supernatural Spray liberally and blow dry with tension! Celeb stylist, Chris Appleton uses this to make all his wigs and extensions look super glossy. It’s the secret to glass hair results.

    Frequently Asked Questions: 

    How do you moisturize dry human hair wigs?

    To moisturize dry human hair wigs, you can use a leave-in conditioner or a hair oil specifically designed for wigs. You can also apply a small amount of deep conditioner of your choice to the wig, focusing on the ends, and rinse it out thoroughly.

    Does fabric softener soften wigs?

    Some people recommend using fabric softener on wigs. But if wigs are made of human hair we definitely recommend using high-quality hair products like Color Wow, whose formulas are dedicated to keeping the texture and color of hair in optimal quality.  You want to protect the investment of your wig.  

    Can you put leave-in conditioner on a human hair wig?

    Yes, you can put leave-in conditioner on a human hair wig. Leave-in conditioner can help to moisturize and soften the wig fibers, making it easier to style and manage. However, it is important to use a conditioner that is specifically formulated for wigs to avoid buildup and damage.

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