COLOR WOW anti-frizz technology: from the original smoothing serum to ground-breaking humidity-blockers


From the first anti-frizz serum in 1990 to producing today’s most-advanced, humidity-blocking “Dream” solutions, Color Wow anti-frizz technology is unmatched. 

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that frizz is frustrating. Which is why Gail Federici, our Color Wow founder and CEO, has dedicated her life to solving the “frizzy hair” problem.

“Personally, I’ve always struggled with frizzy hair. Figuring out frizz and how to stop it became my obsession. Turns out, my search for the ultimate frizz solution became the impetus that built our biz!” Gail says.

For decades, Gail has pioneered the fight against frizz. As a result, she’s helped develop the most advanced frizz-eliminating solutions in the world, including game-changing Color Wow anti-frizz technology.



Over 30 years ago, Gail co-founded the John Frieda brand and its famed Frizz Ease line – the first complete line of products “prescriptively” created to smooth and control frizzy hair.

The introduction of Frizz Ease caused a major paradigm shift in the beauty business around the world. For the first time ever, women who were frustrated to the max with their frizz finally had a way to be the boss of their puffy, fuzzy hair.



“We had developed a ground-breaking, cuticle-smoothing system to make hair look unfrizzy.  But the truth is, we never stopped looking for a better solution to block humidity and shut down frizz,” says Gail. So she turned to Dr. Joe Cincotta (long-time colleague, superstar cosmetic chemist and fellow frizz expert) who knew there had to be a better alternative to stopping frizz than loading the hair down with heavy layers of silicones.

Fast forward through years of lab work, tests, formulations, flops and failures before finally achieving a fool-proof humidity blocker: Dream Coat Supernatural Spray.

“At Color Wow, we’re always on the hunt for new technologies to solve the toughest hair care challenges,” says Gail. Humidity was one of those challenges.

Borrowing from the textile industry, Dr. Joe created Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, the first waterproofing anti-frizz technology. As Dr. Joe explains, “This superlight spray uses groundbreaking polymer technology to clamp down cuticles, compress, tighten, and seal every single strand. Your hair literally becomes impermeable to humidity.”

Best of all? Unlike silicone serums, Dream Coat feels like nothing on the hair and its effects last up to three to four shampoos. So for the first time, your hair can be frizz-free and humidity-proof for days.

Dream Coat Original Before and After


If you haven’t guessed it by now, our CEO is nothing short of a perfectionist. Even though Dream Coat delivered never-before-possible, anti-humidity protection for women all around the world, Gail wanted an even more powerful humidity-blocking solution. One that could deliver glossy-smooth, frizz-free results to the most difficult frizz-prone hair (extremely dry, dehydrated hair (like her own) and to extremely curly/coily hair types) without the hair reverting back to its natural frizzy or curly texture even in the worst humidity.

She went back to Dr. Joe and the Color Wow Lab with a new challenge: create a more powerful Dream Coat with stronger humidity resistance, greater frizz-free style endurance, AND easier sleek blow-dry styling.  And...results that last up to 3-4 shampoos.

Once again, a new anti-frizz era was born with new Extra Strength Dream Coat techology.

On top of original Dream Coat’s supernatural “waterproofing” abilities, this extra strength formula provides the major moisture and frizz-defying muscle that extremely dry, dehydrated and curly/coily hair types need to keep smooth, sleek styles:

Before and After Color Wow Dream Coat Anti Frizz

How does Color Wow’s most advanced anti-frizz technology work?

  1. Inside the hair, major moisture (a unique hydrating polyol complex ) “fills up” porosity gaps  

    When hair is brimming with optimal internal healthy hydration (aka, porosity gaps are “filled” with moisture), it loses the urgent need to pull in moisture from the air (humidity) that causes strands to swell and get frizzy.

  2. On the surface, powerful polymers (a proprietary advanced molecular cross-linking technology) deliver reinforced, frizz-resisting structural strength

    When activated by blow-dry heat and tension, imperceptible polymers link up on an atomic level, creating a powerful anti-humidity barrier. And, giving the hair frizz-resisting structure strength to ensure that hair stays straight, sleek and doesn’t revert back to its natural wiry, frizzy or curly status in moist, humid conditions.

With more muscle and more moisture, Extra Strength Dream Coat is the most powerful Color Wow anti-frizz technology to date. If you have dry, dehydrated hair or super curly coily hair that can’t hold a smooth style in high humidity,  Extra Strength Dream Coat is the most effective treatment for sleek, frizz-free style that lasts for days.



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