If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that frizz is frustrating. Which is why Gail Federici, our Color Wow founder, has dedicated her life to solving the ‘frizzy hair’ problem.

“Personally, I’ve always struggled with frizzy hair. But, it turns out, my obsession with figuring out frizz and how to stop it is the impetus that built our biz! And kept me preoccupied with finding the ultimate frizz solution for decades!” she declares.

Over twenty years ago Gail co-founded the John Frieda brand and its famed Frizz Ease line. Frizz Ease Hair Serum was the first product of its kind on the market: the first formula dedicated to solving frizzy hair by leveraging the frizz-smoothing power of “silicones”, which was an emerging beauty technology at the time.

The introduction of Frizz Ease caused a major paradigm shift in the beauty business around the world. Because for the first time, women who were frustrated to the max with their frizz actually had a way to be the boss of their wiry, puffy, badly-behaved hair. Frizz Ease was the first complete line of products “prescriptively” created to smooth and control frizzy hair.

Eventually, following the Frizz Ease lead, a whole industry of frizz-fighters were born of this miraculous “silicone based technology”. It was a breakthrough solution, but better understanding of the limits of silicone….plus groundbreaking new frizz-taming technology lay ahead….

And Gail, the ultimate frizz-o-phobe and frizz-fighting pioneer, kept blazing the trail and following her DREAM of a better, less frizz-ridden world. (A little fore-shadowing here….)

Today, Gail’s sharing her journey to sleek, humidity-proof, frizz-resistant hair nirvana! She’s breaking down everything you need to know about frizz and teaching us how to tame frizzy hair once and for all.


According to Gail, “Frizzy hair is really just hair that is dehydrated and dry, with a rough cuticle that doesn’t lay flat. Genetics play a huge part in how frizzy your hair can be. Some people are just born with a drier hair texture that is more prone to frizz (i.e. curly girls and guys). Other people “develop” frizz later in life, from things that dry out your hair or open the cuticle. (Like heat styling, chemical straightening, color processing). Most grey hair is naturally very dry, so if you think about it, frizzy hair is probably in everyone’s future!”


When you have dry, frizzy hair and the cuticle is “ajar” - even slightly lifted up – your hair becomes super porous and cannot hold the critical moisture inside each strand that keeps your hair supple and flexible. And when your hair is porous, with a raised cuticle, moisture from the atmosphere (humidity!) gets into each hair shaft, swells the hair, and pushes the cuticle open even further.

If you have frizzy hair, you know one thing for sure: humidity is your hair’s worst nightmare!


According to Gail, “Your goal with frizzy hair is to shut it down, literally. You want to lock down that rough, ragged cuticle that’s causing friction, frizz and entanglement…and keeping your hair strands from falling into perfect, sleek alignment. And you want your hair surface to be smooth and polished as glass, so it can catch and reflect light, look super shiny and healthy! And you want to seal out moisture and completely humidity-proof your hair!

Yesterday’s frizz-fghting formula: put silicones in everything!

Back in the day, silicone serums were the best way to smooth and seal the cuticle on frizzy hair. And silicones are still useful in some hair care products.

But, as time and new tech shows us: silicones are NOT the all-around perfect cure for frizz.


Silicones are large molecules with built-in lubricity. They don’t penetrate or get absorbed into your hair, they just lay on the surface of your hair. When you put a product with silicones on damp hair, they bond with water, and stick to the outer layer of strands, creating a smooth, glossy friction-free surface. Silicones are really good at flattening and sealing the cuticle layer, and making your hair silky and swingy. The right balance of silicones in styling products can be a good thing.

But, as we all know….too much of a good thing can be trouble.

That fact is: silicones build up quickly, don’t rinse off easily, and create heavy build-up.

That is why silicones pose a major hazard in shampoos! Shampoos are the only product you massage directly on your head. When they contain silicones, the silicones cling to your hair and scalp, leaving behind a film that not only dulls hair and weighs it down, but can block hair follicles and cause hair thinning and loss.

But as humidity-fighters in styling formulas, silicones used to be the first line of defense, because the heavy slick coating they left on your hair helped lock out moisture. Unfortunately, the trade off was greasy-looking (and feeling) build up that would leave fine hair stringy and make curls droop and sag.

“I never stopped looking for a better solution to block humidity and shut down frizz”, say Gail Federici. “Dr Joe (long time colleague, superstar cosmetic chemist and fellow frizz expert) knew there had to be a better alternative to stopping frizz than loading the hair down with heavy layers of silicones.”

Fast forward through years of lab work, tests, formulations, flops and failures before finally achieving a fool-proof humidity blocker: Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray.

Borrowing from the textile industry, Dream Coat is the future of frizz fighting. As Dr. Joe explains, “This superlight spray uses grounding polymer technology instead of silicones. Teeny, tiny polymer molecules feel like nothing on the hair. They are activated when you blow dry with tension, forming interlocked chains that clamp down cuticles, compress, tighten, and seal every single strand. Your hair literally becomes moisture resistant and humidity repellant – Dream Coat is like a raincoat for your hair!”

Dream Coat is so light it doesn’t look like there’s any product on the hair. And, the result? Jaw-droppingly silky, sleek, ultra-glossy, frizz-free hair of your dreams!

And there’s an added benefit: Unlike silicone serums, Dream Coat’s effects lasts up to three to four shampoos. So for the first time, your hair can be frizz-free and humidity-proof for days on end.

“At Color Wow, we’re always on the hunt for new technologies to solve your toughest hair care challenges. We created Dream Coat to solve your worst frizz nightmares.”

What else plagues you about your hair? Let us know and we’ll do our best to solve it!

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