Color Wow hair journey: Stronger, longer, healthier-looking hair

“I didn’t know I could have so much hair.”

That’s the kind of sentiment we hear from women all over the world after using our products.

I didn’t know…

  • My hair could feel so clean
  • My hair could look so thick and full
  • My hair could stay frizz-free for days

Today we’re sharing a story from one of our staffers that we know so many women can relate to…

Carly Osborne, our General Manager in the UK, struggled for years with damaged, brittle hair that refused to grow past shoulder-length, no matter what she tried. She was desperate for thick, long, flowing hair but found herself trapped in a frustrating cycle of product experimentation that always fell short of her expectations.

But everything changed for Carly in 2019. It was the year she joined Color Wow. Here’s her story:

Unlocking the Potential: Carly's Hair Struggle

For years, Carly had been bleaching her hair, resulting in constant breakage and thin ends. Despite her best efforts, her hair remained brittle and wispy, unable to surpass shoulder-length. Carly's hair was so fragile that she explains,

“Once, I was in a boxing class and I went to wipe the sweat off of my face, the Velcro on the glove caught my hair and it just snapped off! I had this awful chunk of damaged hair sticking out right at the front of my face.”

The Color Wow Effect:

After starting her job at Color Wow in 2019, Carly decided to incorporate three products into her routine: Color Wow Color Security Shampoo, Color Wow Conditioner, and the Kale Cocktail.

Carly says, “There were instant results; less breakage from the first use and a much less irritated scalp but the real magic happened over the course of about 18 months… I almost hadn’t noticed the daily improvement until someone asked me what extensions I use.”

The Proof is in the Pictures:

Over the next 18 months, Carly's hair underwent a remarkable transformation.

“Now, I have more hair than I know what to do with and it’s so thick and strong that the ends are the same thickness as the roots and I can get a blunt haircut. When I wave my hair nearly everyone assumes I have extensions in because it’s almost unbelievable!”

The evidence was undeniable as Carly looked back at her pre-Color Wow days, amazed by the visible difference captured in the before and after pictures.

carly osborne before


carly osborne after


A Lifelong Commitment:

“Now, I will never wash my hair without Color Wow Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner and I will NEVER blow dry my hair without Kale Dream Cocktail. And I mean NEVER. I still bleach my hair with a full head of highlights every 6 weeks and I couldn’t live without it.”

These Color Wow products have become her trusted allies, enabling her to maintain the health, beauty and LENGTH 😉 of her hair.

The Color Wow Products That Carly Swears By

Color Wow Color Security Shampoo

Unique 100% clean, no-residue shampoo leaves nothing behind to dull hair, weigh it down, block follicles, impede hair growth or cause unhealthy scalp conditions.

color wow color security shampoo

Color Wow Conditioner

Eight unique, translucent detangling, moisturizing and conditioning agents help restore healthy suppleness without distorting color. Available for fine to normal and normal to thick hair types.

color wow color security conditioners

Color Wow Kale-Infused Cocktail

Potent, leave-in supplement instantly strengthens fragile color-treated hair. Clinically proven to reduce breakage by 50 percent in just one use. Loaded with protein-building amino acids, b vitamins and sulfur-rich sea kale.

color wow kale cocktail


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