You pull, primp, prod… persuade every hair into a sleek, polished style. Load on product, take every precaution. Then, you step outside on a humid day… and POUF! Your hair blows up into a big ball of freakin’ frizz.

We feel your pain. We’ve walked a mile in your frizz.


In fact, we’ve been wrestling with dry, unruly, frazzled hair and the horrors of humidity for decades. The “fight against frizz” underlies our Color Wow legacy.

Color Wow founder and CEO, Gail Federici, earned fame and fortune for creating the first complete frizz-fighting range, along with former business partner, John Frieda. An industry disruptor, Federici was the first to incorporate silicones into an entire frizz-prevention and correction regime, centered on a silicone based serum.

"Our serum was groundbreaking technology at the time, and women’s lives changed dramatically when they finally discovered a way to smooth the outer cuticle layer with a coat of silicone that acted as a barrier to block frizz.

The problem is: silicone molecules lay heavily on hair’s surface. It’s easy to overdo it, apply too much product, weigh hair down and make it greasy. Then there’s no recourse but to wash your hair, and start all over.” says Federici.

NOT SATISFIED WITH EXISTING FRIZZ-FIGHTING FORMULAS, FEDERICI LOOKED TO FIND A FRESH APPROACH. “There have always been women, like me, born with frizzy hair. But, with the increased use of hair color and hot tools, more and more women were damaging their cuticle layer and making their hair vulnerable to frizz. It was an epidemic!”

The answer came from “rogue research” and re-invented technology inspired by the textile industry and impermeable fabrics.

 Ultra-light spray is never greasy, can’t build up… wraps hairs with a weightless polymer that makes the hair supernaturally silky, glossy and incredibly moisture resistant. Activated by blow-drying and applying tension, humidity proofing results last up to 3 shampoos.

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