Time is everything…but so is getting your hair to look just the way you want it before you walk out the door. Luckily there are ways to achieve that perfect style and reclaim a few extra minutes while doing it.
Our very own Giles Robinson, Color Wow’s Global Director of Training & Education, shares his tips for getting maximum style in minimum time.

1. Get to the conversion point No matter your hair type, blow-drying with a brush from soaking wet is often not necessary and can actually be a waste of time. Instead, let your hair partially air dry or rough dry your hair, using just your fingers, but no brush, until you reach the “conversion point.” Giles explains, “The conversion point is the moment that your hair goes from wet to dry, and the point when the new shape/texture gets locked in. So that’s when you need to grab your brush and begin to blow dry, section-by-section.” Aside from being a great time-saver, this method also helps reduce the excessive pulling and tugging that can lead to breakage and damage.

2. Night time is the right time If shampooing, conditioning, blow drying and styling are simply too much for you in the morning, wash your hair at night. Giles says, “Letting your hair air dry over night reduces heat exposure, which can dehydrate hair and also accelerate color fade.” In the morning when you wake up and your hair is dry, if you have some unruly sections, use a styling cream like Color Wow One-Minute Transformation. (link) Apply to any rough, frizzy sections and brush through with a flat brush. For very unruly areas, apply the cream to these sections. Then, using a round brush, give hair a quick hit from the blow dryer to create a more professional looking, blow dried look.


3. Focus on the crucial zones Think about it…your hairline and your crown are by far the most important sections of hair and therefore “the Crucial Zones.” Giles says, if you’re blow-drying your hair with a brush, focus on these sections, making sure they look the most polished. “The hairline frames the face. The crown represents the top layers of your hair. By concentrating only on these areas, you can create a polished look in a fraction of the time. The perfectly blown dry hair on the top will fall over the frizzy, unruly hair underneath. The only hair showing will be the smooth, silky top layer.

4. Get extra help If you really want to cut down on drying time, you could cut your hair…or if you favor more practical solutions, you could use a product to speed up the process. Just be careful, cautions Giles, about the product you choose. “So many blow-dry sprays contain alcohol, which can be very detrimental to color-treated hair because it causes dehydration and makes it more susceptible to breakage.” Color Wow Speed Dry Blow-Dry Spray is an alcohol-free, low pH formula that traps moisture inside hair and fills in the holes found on the surface of porous hair, to dry it faster, while making hair more flexible with an intense shine.

5. Skip a step If your styling plans involve the curling iron, Giles says “don’t worry about smoothing your hair first. The heat from the iron will do that and this will often result in a more natural texture.”

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