Ever find yourself in a pinch to style your hair? It happens to the best of us. We oversleep, lose track of time, our days don’t go as planned… and suddenly there’s not enough time to pull together a whole look!

It’s for this reason that we always keep a few emergency styles on hand because trying to function with hair we don’t like… let’s be real, that’s near impossible. Bad hair days almost always put a damper on our moods, and *no one* needs that.

So, today, we’re sharing with you our three super quick and easy go-to styles for when time is not on our side. These are especially great for refreshing (or disguising ) second- and third-day hair when there’s no time to wash – and you know we’ve all been in that boat! Watch these quick styles in action, then read on for how to look fab in a flash.


Top Knot

There’s nothing (we repeat, nothing!) more reliable than a top knot. To make this really easy, we typically employ the aid of a donut bun. To create a super sleek bun, spray your hair with Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible Hairspray and brush your hair into a high ponytail.

Next, thread your ponytail through the donut styler, then wrap all your hair around the donut. Secure with a super cute scrunchie (we love ones with bows). Tame any flyaways by spraying Cult Favorite on a toothbrush and smoothing down hair.

Half-Up Ponytail

This super trendy style is having a real moment right now. And not just because it’s seriously cute, but because it’s so incredibly easy. Section out the top of your hair, spray with Cult Favorite, then brush into a high pony. Use a large curling iron to create loose waves, making sure to spray each section with Cult Favorite for long-lasting hold.

Cute Headband

This is the easiest one of them all – it’s the perfect fail-safe style. Split hair into two sections on either side of your face. Spray Cult Favorite onto a brush and brush out both sections. Twist the sections away from your face to mold hair into a slight curl. Slide on your headband. For a boost of shine, finish with a misting of Extra Shine Spray.

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