The season of festivities is almost upon us, which means it’s time to start planning your holiday hairstyles! Today we’re sharing with you three of our favorite instagram-friendly party hairstyles. These styles are our go-to’s when it comes to Thanksgiving hair that needs a little added flair.



There’s nothing more classic and simple than a ponytail. We love this style from Nadia of @fancyfaceinc. To create the look simply start by waving your hair with your tool of choice (for tips on how to choose the right iron to create different wavy hairstyles, click here).

Once complete, bring hair back in a loose ponytail, leaving out about two to three “waves.” The ponytail should sit slightly above the nape of your neck. Secure in place with a hair tie. Then take the remaining loose waves and wrap them around the base of the ponytail to hide the hair tie. Secure in place with a pin.

If any shorter waves don’t reach your ponytail, feel free to leave them out as face framing pieces, or pin them back with additional bobby pins.


You may remember this braided bun from our holiday hairstyles round up for Labor Day. We’re bringing it back as an option for Thanksgiving Hair - and we think it’s absolutely perfect, considering that autumn is THE season for scarves.

A great way to get a thicker-looking braid is to braid hair when it’s wavy or curly – aka you want to make sure you’re starting with textured hair.

You can also add volume, by spritzing with a good texture spray.

To make sure the look has more of a fall flair, choose a headscarf with warmer hues like burgundy and burnt orange. Remember, for this style, you must use a scarf that’s longer than your hair once it’s folded in half.

To start, create a low ponytail, then secure the scarf around the base of your ponytail.

Divide your hair into three sections, pairing the tails of the scarf into the two outermost sections of hair. Braid your hair until you reach the end then secure with an elastic.

Next wrap the length of the braid around the ponytail base until a bun is formed and secure in place with pins. If there’s any excess scarf, you can tie it around the base of your bun and create a cute little knot.


We love this super glam take on the trendy top knot from @hairbybradleyleake. To start, create a voluminous blow out. Use Raise the Root for maximum volume, and Dream Coat for added shine. (Need a full tutorial? Check out this video). Then create waves using a 2” barrel iron (for our guide on how to use a curling iron, click here!). Next section out the top layer of your hair between brows and gently sleek hair back (you don’t want to pull it tight against your scalp, or you’ll lose volume). Secure bun with a hair tie and accentuate with any accessories. Then finish the look with a flexible hold hairspray like Cult Favorite.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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