You’ve already invested quite a bit of money in your hair extensions – you got the right length, you had them cut to fit your style, dyed to match your color, and yet on days when it’s humid they just don’t blend. The frizz factor in the air effects your hair differently than it does extensions, so what can you do? We teamed up with Emily of @champagneandchanel to get her secret to fighting off frizzy hair.

Emily almost always wears extensions to make her hair look longer, fuller, and thicker. But being based in Houston, she’s dealing with some of the worst humidity in the country on a regular basis. Since her hair and her extensions are different types of hair, they don’t frizz the same way. That means when humidity strikes it looks like she’s got several different textures.

So how does she avoid the dreaded multi-texture frizz fest? Dream Coat. She uses the lightweight spray to treat both her hair and extensions to give them both a gorgeous, shiny, sleek texture that’s totally humidity proof. 

Dream Coat is a game changer,” she shares. Here is Emily's three-step styling process:

Step One:

First, I towel dry my hair, then spray Dream Coat throughout. The formula is light as water so I don’t worry about using too much. I apply it from roots to ends and get every strand covered.



Step Two:

I blow dry my hair with tension to activate the Dream Coat formula.




Step Three:

I use a curling wand to add in a wave. (To learn how to use a curling wand, check out this blog post).




Pro tip, if you’re rocking extensions blend them into your roots with Root Cover Up. The mineral powder is multi-dimensional for a seamless, natural look, and is totally water-proof which means it won’t budge through rain, sweat, or humidity.

Want to see Emily’s routine in action? Check out the video below: 


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