“How do I get smooth, silky glass hair… but at the same time piecey texture with long-lasting volume??”

Believe it or not, that’s not as far-fetched or unreasonable of a request as you might think. Yeah, it seems totally counterintuitive at first. How can hair be silky but textured all at once?

But here’s the thing: There’s no rule against using volumizing and texturizing hair sprays on glass hair.

So how is it possible to get the best of both worlds? It’s easy with this killer combo: Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Spray + Style on Steroids Texturizing Spray.

Now, if this duo seems a little suspect to you, we totally get it. When it comes to the glass hair trend, an ultra-glossy, luxe finish is a must. Meaning there’s no room for a typical texture spray that leaves behind a film that can cloud color or dull shine.

Enter: Style on Steroids Texturizing Spray

This unique spray was made with color-protection in mind. Engineered with translucent moisturizing elastimers, it won’t leave white, chalky residues, dry-out your hair, or “glue” hair strands together when you use heat styling tools. So you can combine with Dream Coat to achieve perfectly tousled tresses and long-lasting volume without sacrificing silky high shine.

Now, if there’s anyone who’s mastered styling with this epic duo, it’s beauty + lifestyle blogger Maryam (@maryamishtiaq), whose signature style is the epitome of glass waves.

“A lot of people think that Dream Coat can only be used for straight hair. But you can actually wear it for a wavy look. I like to wear my hair this way, and you can see that the shine is still there,” enthuses Maryam.

Before Maryam was introduced to the silkifying effects of Dream Coat, she faced thin + damaged ends, dull hair, and color fade on her balayage. Not to mention having to choose between major volume and a smooth, satin texture.

But now that she’s incorporated Dream Coat into her regular routine, she’s seeing transformative results. Her hair is now healthier, more vibrant, and super glossy. “It was so amazing to me that one product could do that, and you could minimize the use of so many products.”


Step 1: First, Maryam applies Dream Coat to damp hair post-shower. She makes sure to saturate her hair from root to tip.

Step 2: Next, she blow dries with tension for glass-like results.

Step 3: Before styling with a curling wand, Maryam sprays each small section of hair with Style on Steroids. This not only works as a heat protectant, but helps create long-lasting style memory for her waves.

Step 4: Once she’s done curling her hair, she sprays on more Style on Steroids for major texture.

Want to see Maryam’s routine in action? Check out this video:

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