Chris Appleton's Holy Grail Products for Celebrity Hair

There’s a reason why Hollywood’s hottest A-list celebrities want Chris Appleton, and ONLY Chris, for their exclusive glam squads.

Chris Appleton styling a model with luxurious, healthy-looking hair.Not only is he the creator behind Insta’s most viral hair trends – from glass hair, to snatched ponytails, to expensive brunette – he’s also a legendary celebrity stylist for creating the most luxe texture that’s always super glossy and incredibly healthy-looking.

They don’t call him “the man reinventing Hollywood glam” for nothing!

Even Color Wow’s CEO, Gail Federici, says she can always tell when Chris is the mastermind behind a celebrity’s red carpet look because the quality of his hair is unparalleled! 

So, of course, we wanted to share his secrets with you! Sure, years of skill building and professional experience play a role, but Chris said the real key is using high quality products that give you the results you want without sacrificing your hair’s health. 

And that’s exactly why he loves Color Wow! Engineered with game-changing technology, super safe ingredients and heat protection, they never degrade the quality of your hair or color. All of which are incredibly important to Chris, who would never put anything on his clients’ hair that jeopardized his signature luxe, expensive-looking finish.

So what products are essential to his success? Check out his 3 holy grail products for creating iconic celebrity hairstyles below!

Chris Appleton’s Favorite Hair Products

1. Money Masque

First and foremost, maintaining a healthy foundation is essential, Chris says. Your style can only be as good as the condition of your hair.

So if it’s constantly dehydrated or super brittle, no amount of styling can make up the difference.

That’s why he recommends that all of his clients add a hair mask to their weekly routine.

"It doesn't matter if you're a celebrity or anyone else. It's really important that you have a great foundation to work on,” Chris says. “You can do extensions and have pieces of clip-ins, but you only have one head of your own hair and you want it to look and feel as good as you can get it to be.”

This is exactly what inspired Chris to collab with the Color Wow Lab to make Money Masque. Unlike typical masks, which are made with heavy, greasy ingredients that sit on top of hair, Money Masque is weightless and instantly penetrates deep to deliver powerful hydrating and strengthening actives. In just 5 minutes, hair is super hydrated, more resilient, super glossy and expensive-looking.

Want to learn more? Check out our blog on why all hair types can benefit from weekly masking!

2. Money Mist

Another of Chris Appleton's favorite products is Money Mist, a luxurious, lightweight leave-in conditioning treatment designed to treat, strengthen and give your hair a glossy, expensive-looking finish.

Money Mist deeply hydrates, renews elasticity for healthier-looking hair, and helps to mend and strengthen hair fibers to prevent breakage and help grow hair longer. The result is luminous locks with a shimmery suppleness, all while providing heat protection.

Read more about the creation of Money Mist here.

3. Dream Coat

Ever wonder how Chris’ styles last all night, even when they’re exposed to, say, Miami-level humidity during the Super Bowl halftime show? It’s Dream Coat“This is my secret. Prepping with Dream Coat is essentially the equivalent of wearing a raincoat on your hair,” Chris says. 

“It seals out moisture with a water-proof barrier so the style won’t come undone with frizz. And for my clients, their hair needs to last from the time I style it to the red carpet to the after party."

Engineered by our team of frizz experts, Dream Coat possesses the most-advanced anti-frizz technology in the world. It’s light-as-water (aka, feels like nothing on your hair), yet is so incredibly powerful that it can block out humidity for days on end – no matter how extreme! 

Dream Coat is also Chris’ go-to for creating liquid glass hair. So not only do you get long-lasting protection against frizz-inducing humidity, but a silky-smooth finish with blinding shine.

Ready for your best Dream Coat results? Check out our article on how to use it like a pro.

4. Root Cover Up

The last essential in Chris’ bag of tricks? Root Cover Up – 9X Allure “Best of Beauty” winner and the ultimate perfecting touch to any style! “I use this product on 99% of my clients. It’s amazing for blending extensions, filling out and thickening a hairline or even disguising any bare spots where the scalp shows through,” Chris says.

Chris loves Root Cover Up for its stay-put mineral powder that’s water and sweat-proof. It lasts until shampoo’d out!

That way, he never has to worry about it smudging, fading or running down his clients’ face, for glam they can count on all day and night. 

Even better? Root Cover Up also comes in 8 multi-dimensional shades that look as real as your hair. So you can always achieve a perfectly polished finish that looks 100% natural. No one will be the wiser!

From Los Angeles to New York, and London to Paris, Chris is known for his work as a world-renowned conceptual hair stylist, highly sought after by some of the biggest names in music, entertainment, fashion, and advertising.

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