How to Take Care of Fine or Thin Hair: A 3D Approach

model with blonde voluminous thick hairAre you struggling with skinny, fine hair? If your strands are feeling limp and all you’re really craving is big, bouncy, voluminous hair, you’ve come to the right blog.

Today we’re going to teach you everything you need to know about fine hair, including how to add volume to hair to keep it looking full and bouncy.

If you have fine hair, you could be a good candidate for extensions, which can add major mane mass in minutes - but you’d also need an experienced extension pro to attach and blend in pieces.

This process also requires a lot of time, and a lot of money. The alternative solution to getting the voluminous hair of your dreams? Opt for new styling product technologies that give even the wispiest hair guts, oomph, bulk, gravity-defying lift and massive volume you never thought possible.

First things first, you need to determine if you have thin or fine hair.


Not to split hairs (heh, heh) but lots of people think they have fine hair, when in fact they have thin hair.

What’s the difference between the two?

It really comes down to hair diameter versus hair density.

Fine hair is threadlike. Individual strands are skinny and narrow, with a tiny diameter. This hair type tends to have a tight, closed outer cuticle - which means it’s usually very healthy.

The bad news is, fine hair can be so light and flimsy that it can’t hold a style. It doesn’t have guts, substance, bulk or body. Ponytails slip out and droop, barrettes slide right off.

Thin hair refers to density. In other words, how many hairs are on your head. The strands themselves can be fine or coarse, but the point is, they’re located more sparsely than on someone with thick, full, dense hair. Chances are if you have very thin hair, you will likely see more scalp showing through.

Now (here’s where it gets really confusing): People with fine (aka skinny) hair can have lots of it! So they actually have fine, thick hair.

On the other end of the spectrum, people with coarse hair can have fewer hairs. So they have coarse, thin hair.

Why does this matter? Because you want to treat your hair’s unique dimensional issues with the right products!


1. Carb Cocktail

Fine hair needs fattening up, strand by strand! A leave-in treatment like Color Wow Carb Cocktail will add a weightless outer layer, instantly plumping up skinny strands and creating gorgeous voluminous hair - making this a must-have in your fine hair care routine!

Carb Cocktail makes a major difference with just one blow dry! Simply towel-dry hair lightly after shampooing and conditioning, shake bottle well, and then dispense two to three pumps into your palm and smooth through hair, starting one inch below part and through to ends.

2. Root Cover Up

Thin hair needs “filler” to create the look and feel of density. Color Wow Root Cover Up mineral power can fill in sparse spots and instantly make your hair look thicker, denser, more luxurious.

It’s also never stiff, sticky or waxy like mascaras, crayons and sprays - and one compact has 6 months to 1 year usage, making it a great addition to your thin hair care routine!

3. Raise The Root

Both fine and thin hair types need major lift and volume to counteract “flat fall.” So one technique that works for both of these hair problems is powerful lift at the roots.

Making your hair “stand away” from your head is the secret to that massive volume, body and movement you want!

Color Wow Raise The Root is the antidote to pancake-flat hair. It contains proprietary elastomers that form a “spring” at the roots and you can apply it to wet or dry hair!


Take a look at our full range of products for thin, fine hair for more styling inspo. Plus, read more about caring for fine, thin hair on the Color Wow blog:

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