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The dirty little secret about shampoos is that they contain loads of ingredients that have nothing to do with cleansing:  silicones, conditioning agents, thickening resins, and pearlizing agents. These ingredients have nothing to do with cleansing. In fact they are actually engineered to stay behind so hair and scalp never really get clean. This build-up on the hair weighs it down causing it to look stringy. But even worse than that, these ingredients can contribute to hair loss by blocking the follicle!

What to do? Switch to a non-sulfate shampoo that does not contain any of these culprits.

Revolutionary Color Security Shampoo not only protects color, but is virtually the only shampoo on the market that has removed all of these unnecessary ingredients.

There’s actually a medical name for yanking, pulling, styling too rough and tight: “traction alopecia”. Stretching strands to the max while blow-drying is a serious source of hair loss, so seek out products that speed and ease heat styling. Too-tight pony tails, updo’s, cornrows, braids are great on occasion, but if they become  your go-to look, your hair will suffer the losses. Constant use of elastics, clips, barrettes and extensions can also take a toll on hair. The take-away: styling intensity decreases hair density.

Don’t brush off the importance of how and how often you brush your hair. The key rules:  

• Use a brush made from natural fibers. Many people that are
worried about hair loss, stress out when they see hair in their brush so they avoid brushing as much as possible. The opposite is true.  Brushing distributes the natural oils through the hair so that they do not build up around the follicle.

• NEVER BRUSH WET HAIR which is porous, more fragile and has less resilience. Use a superlight, detangling conditioner that won’t weigh down your hair and a wide tooth comb that won’t snag, pull and break hair. Start combing from the ends, and work your way up the hair strand to detangle.

Carb-loading is the key to bulking up, and the same goes for your hair.  Color Wow Carb Cocktail is a breakthrough “bionic tonic” leave-in supplement that bonds a weightless, high-carb complex “mesh” (cellulose, starch and oat bran) to your hair’s surface when you blow-dry.  Even fine, thin, limp hair instantly gains major mass and volume.

The world’s #1 award winning root concealer, this stay-put mineral powder is celebrity artist Chris Appleton’s secret weapon for creating the look of depth and density.  Dabbed along thinning parts, along “fractured” hairlines, or used to fill in any gaps or sparse patches, this multi-tonal formula (in seven shades) blends seamlessly to give the illusion of lush, dense hair…especially in photographs. Totally natural, undetectable…virtually disappears into thin hair.

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