How to Detox Your Hair: Why Everyone Needs a Hard Water Hair Detox

How do you get rid of toxins, negative energy, or anything else that brings you down? You detox! Whether it’s a diet, a steamy sesh in the sauna or a break from social media, detoxes have been around forever for a reason – because they help you cleanse yourself of the things that make you feel less than your best.

So is it any surprise that hair detoxes have become insanely popular over the past few years? Not at all! Hair is a HUGE part of our identity and a driving force behind our self-confidence. If dull, lackluster, unmanageable hair has you down, a quick detox can have you feeling fab and looking brighter in no time! Or better yet, add it to your weekly routine to avoid bad hair days altogether!

So what’s the best hair detox to maintain healthy, vibrant, glossy hair?

Most hair detoxes focus on getting rid of product buildup, impurities, dirt and grime.

And while it’s important to make sure that kind of buildup isn’t sitting on your hair and scalp, the truth is there’s a deeper issue impacting all of us that’s causing hair to look and feel unhealthy.

The real problem? Your shower water. Or, more specifically, the minerals in your shower water. And for that you need a “hard water hair” detox.

What is a ‘hard water hair’ detox?

A hard water hair detox is a treatment that removes mineral buildup left behind by your shower water. While healthy for you to drink, these minerals can be super damaging to your hair, resulting in…

Find out how hard water impacts your hair color here.

We know, crazy that something as harmless as water could do such damage. But if you really think about it, these are typical hair probs most of us deal with regularly! Meaning no matter what kind of water you shower with – well, city, spring – minerals run rampant in all household water supplies, constantly wreaking havoc.

To what degree your water is riddled with minerals will vary based on where you live. Some locations have hard water or high concentrations of minerals, while some have soft water, aka, low concentrations of minerals.

Read our guide to the effects of hard water on hair here.

Now here’s what’s truly important and why hard water hair detoxes are essential for EVERYONE: No matter if you live with hard water or soft water, mineral buildup is cumulative.

So while a person with soft water might not notice the impact of minerals immediately (whereas someone with hard water will) the impact *is* inevitable either way.

Our takeaway? A weekly hard water hair detox is the only way to ensure minerals aren’t interfering with your good hair days!

How to detox your hair + remove hard water minerals

It used to be that your only options were to use a harsh, stripping chelating shampoo or schedule a time-consuming in-salon treatment. Luckily, advances in technology – thanks to our genius Color Wow Lab – have majorly changed the game.

Want to know how to detox your hair at home?

Meet: Dream Filter, a pre-shampoo mineral removing treatment that will detox your hair of all minerals in just 3 minutes. And unlike chelating shampoos, its advanced tech only targets the minerals, leaving the integrity of your hair healthy and strong.

How does it do this? It acts like a magnet to attract minerals to the surface of your hair before encapsulating them for ease of rinsing away. And poof! Down the drain they go.

Benefits of doing a weekly hard water hair detox


When minerals build up, they sit like a film on the surface of each strand, dulling and distorting your color. Think: chlorine-green (a reaction between chlorine and copper), brass or dingy darkness. Blondes notice this discoloration more easily, but if it’s happening to blondes, it’s also happening to the rest of us. A quick detox with Dream Filter will remove this film and leave your color looking instantly brighter and more vibrant… almost like you just stepped out of the salon with fresh color!


In addition to building up on the surface of your hair, minerals can also get lodged in open cuticles, preventing critical moisture from entering. This results in dehydrated hair that feels coarse, stiff and straw-like. Once Dream Filter removes the minerals, your texture will feel immediately silkier, softer, and elastic.


Similar to if you have product buildup on your hair, mineral buildup makes it harder for your stylers to do their job. Shampoos can’t clean, volumizers buckle under the weight, moisture can’t penetrate, hairsprays can’t hold it together… hair is flat out unstyle-able. So if you find your stylers aren’t working, this is why!!

Just 3 minutes a week for a detox is all you need to keep your hair looking super healthy, glossy and vibrant, and for YOU to feel your best, most confident self!


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