For years curly girls (and guys) who have tried to wear their hair natural have piled on the products, only to wonder: why is my hair crunchy? Stiff hair can be a real problem when it comes to styling curls.

But there’s good news: there are actually products that can solve that whole ‘hair is stiff’ issue. We asked four women for their biggest curl concerns, and today we’re breaking down how to make curly hair look good, sans stiffness - that means how to soften curls and how to manage curly hair.

How to Manage Curly Hair: Typical Concerns

We asked four ladies about their experiences with curly hair, these were their concerns:

  • Hard to manage
  • Very frizzy
  • Crunchy hair

The story is familiar, your curls are hard to manage and super frizzy, so you turn to products that promise hold - creams and gels. You apply the product, you follow curly girl method tips (like applying to soaking wet hair and scrunching for forever) but your hair is stiff. How does that happen? 

Well with gels, it’s pretty obvious. Many of those products create a “cast” that helps with definition but leaves hair feeling hard. Apply too much product and your curls are guaranteed to be hard, but on top of that if gels come into contact with certain leave-in products, they can even coagulate and make hair white and flakey.

To avoid the cast, instead of gels many turn to creams. But often time there’s not enough hold, and hair is very frizzy. On the flip side you can get hold when you pile on the product but all that moisture can make your curls weighed down and heavy - and you can say bye bye to volume.

How to Soften Curls

The solution to stiff hair is to go for lightweight products that won’t weigh down your curls. You want a product that is light, but still gives definition.

So we asked four women to replace their gels and creams and instead try just one lightweight styler - Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair.

Here’s what they had to say:

Their hair felt soft to the touch, and was totally frizz-free. The reason? The formula is light weight, it’s not heavy or “goopy” as one tester said. It feels like water - and with a formula that’s weightless, it’s impossible to end up with stiff hair.

But how exactly does it work? How does it soften curls without weighing them down?

3 Powerful Polymers. 1. Help De-frizz. 2. Help with Elasticity and Manageability. 3. Ensure that Hair Stays Flexible.

Dream Coat for Curly Hair features powerful polymers that address those three core concerns - one to help hydrate and de-frizz, one to help with elasticity and manageability, and one to ensure hair stays flexible. These three polymers when applied to the hair keep it soft, frizz free, and defined.

If you want to learn how to make curly hair look good, the answer is simple: stick to lightweight products, like Dream Coat for Curly Hair, that maximize hold while minimizing stiffness.


Read more about managing curls on the Color Wow blog:

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