The Science Behind Curl Wow’s Naked Technology

Is it really possible to create silky, defined, frizz-free curls without weighing down the strands or feeling like there’s something on the hair?

Weightless, soft, crunch-free curls with defined S-patterns are NOT what curly girls are used to! Because even the best-selling curl styling products use heavy oils, thick emollients or stiff polymers to shape curls.

As veteran hair-problem solvers, we made it our mission to find a way to create naturally-styled, perfectly bundled curls without leaving the hair greasy, without weighing curls down and without locking curls into a crispy, rigid formation. 

Curl Wow is a total departure from “old school” curl products and methods. How did we manage to add moisture to curls, make curls bouncier, give curls better definition plus keep curls frizz-free without multiple layers of heavy products?

With our innovative “NAKED TECHNOLOGY”, based on the ground-breaking Profaxil-18 Complex™ developed by our Chief Chemist and award-winning hair product formulator, Dr. Joe Cincotta.

Profaxil-18 Complex™ is a quantum leap in curl styling technology! It delivers everything curls need .... yet feels like nothing.

As Dr. Joe explains in the video, Profaxil-18™ helps to break down oils into micro-particles, enabling them to moisturize, strengthen and defrizz curly strands in a way that was never possible until now.

1. By reducing the size of rich oil particles, instead of sitting on hair’s surface in “greasy” pools, these oils are micro-dispersed throughout the strands and can penetrate and infuse curls with hydrating, lubricating moisture.

2. The MEA-18 component of this complex creates a glossy, weightless seal on the surface of the strands that locks in moisture, smooths frizz AND feels dry to the touch.

Celebrity stylist and curl specialist Kendall Dorsey says,“Naked Technology in Curl Wow formulas is going to change how people style curls in the future. It enhances styling results because the hair feels completely different....plush to the touch, completely grease, no crunch, weightless. Once people try Curl Wow and 'go naked', they won’t go back.”