One of the best ways to embrace your natural texture? Getting a cut that’s specifically designed to enhance it. Haircuts for curly hair aren’t the same as your typical chop. Most curly haircuts require special techniques that consider the tightness of your texture, your hair’s natural thickness, and of course shape. Today, we’re breaking down a few of our favorite curly hairstyles - including haircuts for volume and short haircuts for curly hair. Read on to see some of our favorites.

Curly Haircuts for Volume
One of the keys to a killer curly haircut? Serious volume. Stylists achieve maximum curly volume when they create multiple layers within a cut.

We love @toni_macaroni’s layered cut, which features curly bangs that blend into the cut’s other layers. The shape makes her curls seem super light. 
Want to maintain length but still have volume? No one rocks this better than Lynn Kate. Her multi-layer cut never fails to Wow.

A big bonus with this cut is that it isn’t cut to a specific direction or part, which means Lynn can change up her style freely. Each day she can customize where to place her part.
Another key to creating volume? Using products that won’t weigh curls down. Be sure to focus on creating a curly hair routine that maximizes your texture’s true potential. Start with a cleanser that doesn’t leave behind any heavy ingredients--like our Color Security Shampoo (bonus: it doesn’t dull color). Then follow up with a conditioner to moisturize hair and minimize frizz (we love our Color Security Conditioner). The final step? A light-as-air curly hair styling spray. Dream Coat for Curly Hair is our absolute fave - since it adds moisture and shine without weighing curls down.
To use Dream Coat for Curly Hair, start with wet hair and saturate with product, then diffuse with your hair flipped upside down for maximum volume.
Want to see Dream Coat for Curly Hair in action? Check out this video of Lynn Kate!

Short Haircuts for Curly Hair
Thought the lob was just for straight-haired girls? You’re wrong. This short curly haircut proves that the bob can work on any texture.One of the best ways to balance out short curly hair and avoid the dreaded triangle is to ask your stylist for a more rounded shape. We love the curly haircut that @curly.les is rocking.

Curly Haircuts with Bangs
A common curly misconception? That bangs just won’t work. But with the right stylist, a curly haircut can feature fringe. Some things to consider:

* Your face shape: Oval faces can sport any bang style (front bangs, side bangs, you name it!), but faces that are round or more heart-shaped should opt for a side swept bang.
* The thickness of your hair: If you have thick, dense hair you can sport a heavy curly bang with no problem, but if your hair is thinner, you’ll want to go for a look that’s on the piece-y side (i.e. a bang that looks less dense and allows for gaps between curls). Why? If you try to force a heavy bang on thin curls, you’ll end up taking so much hair forward that you’ll sacrifice volume for your overall style. Your whole cut could wind up looking thin and flat.

Check out some of our favorite curly haircuts that feature bangs:




We love this gorgeous side curly bang on @justlikejackies styled by @torrensalicia.




Want to see a heavy, front-facing curly bang? Look no further than @Wandaanicole.
For a piece-y looking front-facing curly bang, check out @raerodriguez.

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