You might look forward to summer travel, but your hair, well... not so much. Between drying out on the airplane, getting use to new water, new climates, and even *gasp* hotel shampoo, there’s a lot that can stress out your strands. Here are a few simple routine swaps that can help save your travel styles.

Summer Hair Tips For When You’re In Transit:

Airplanes are notorious for dehydrating your skin – and it turns out, your hair. To combat the drying effects pack a mini One-Minute Transformation in your carry on. Infused with avocado oil, this travel cream helps rehydrate your hair. Plus, if the dry air turns your strands frizzy, it can even help tame fly aways.

Summer Hair Tips For When You’re At The Hotel:

Most hotel chains offer up free toiletries – but don’t get too excited. Most of these shampoo freebees contain harsh sulfates that strip your hair of essential moisture. Or even worse, they likely contain conditioning ingredients that stick to hair, weigh it down and can clog follicles and impede new hair growth. Instead of snagging the freebee, opt to bring along your own mini Color Security Shampoo. (Learn more about ingredients to watch for in shampoo here).

Also keep in mind, you may be traveling to a place with hard or soft water. Which means that with every shower your hair could face the consequences of mineral build up (duller, darker color). Pack Dream Filter in your checked bag so you can reset your hair, and remove mineral and metal buildup in just 3 minutes.

Summer Hair Tips For When You’re Out In The Sun:

Whether you’re sitting on a sunny beach (or even strolling through a cloudy city) you still need to protect your strands like you do your skin. Opt for a styling product with UV protection. Our go-to is Pop & Lock because it gives hair a boost of hydration while protecting you from harmful rays. For even more protection, you can also don a wide-brimmed hat.

If you are in fact heading down to a beach be sure to also pack Dream Cocktail Coconut-Infused. After a day in the sun and swimming in salt water, your hair is likely dehydrated and dry. This leave-in, which can be activated by the sun’s heat, will help rehydrate your strands.

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