Healthy, sparkling hair starts with a super-clean combo: the ultimate detox to remove dulling minerals (Dream Filter) followed by Color Wow’s 100% clean, no-residue shampoo. But, all it takes to sabotage your results is to then style with grungy tools and grimy accessories. To keep your hair fresh and gleaming – and your styling tools working in tip-top condition – salon pros suggest a thorough, deep “spring clean” for your whole routine.

1. Start spring cleaning with a hair detox

OK, we know, we know…who needs ANOTHER step in their hair care routine? But hear us out… mineral buildup from sources like hard water like your shower water and air pollution can majorly distort your color and make your hair dull, rough, and brittle. Dream Filter Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover Spray is super fast (works in under 3 minutes), is super effective (removes calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, and aluminum), is super gentle (you can use it everyday), and totally goof-proof.


2. Cleanse with a sulfate-free, no-residue shampoo

Most shampoos today have added ingredients (like silicones, thickening agents, conditioning agents, oils, and pearlizing ingredients) that don’t rinse out easily, and leave particles and film on your hair and scalp. This can lead to inflammation and even hair loss. Color Wow Color Security Shampoo is totally different. All the ingredients in our gentle, sulfate-free, 100% clean formula rinse off completely so nothing is left behind but sparkling fresh hair (and scalp!). Read more about our shampoo on the blog. 

3. How to clean hair brushes and combs
A spring cleaning is a must, but ideally something you should do every few months. You use these tools several times a day and they pick up all kinds of grime in your hair, from product residue to micro-particles in the air around you.

How to clean hair brushes:

  • Use the pointed end of a rat-tail comb to remove clumps of clinging hair.
  • Run the tool under hot tap water.
  • Soak brushes in a mix of 1 part water to 1 part vinegar for a half hour.
  • For stubborn debris between bristles, scrub with a clean toothbrush. Let the brush air dry on a clean cotton towel.
How to clean hair combs:
  • Use the pointed end of a rat-tail comb to remove clumps of clinging hair.
  • Run the tool under hot tap water.
  • Good quality plastic and metal combs can go in your dishwasher top rack. Use normal dish soap, hit “high heat”, and they’ll be sparkling clean at the end of the cycle.

4. How to clean your hair straightener and curling iron (when they’re unplugged, of course!)
Not sure how to clean your curling iron or flat iron? You can buy a special cleaning solution or you can DIY with a mix of one part rubbing alcohol and two parts baking soda to create a paste. To help loosen up any buildup, turn your hot tool on for one minute, turn off and unplug, then wipe on the paste. Use a non-abrasive scrubber made for non-stick surfaces. Gently rub to remove product that bakes onto tools every time you use them. Then get ready for swirlier, shinier waves and sleeker glossy strands. This is a good habit to get into at least once a month.

5. Clean out your hair dryer filter
You don’t let lint build up in your clothes dryer, right? Because this fuzzy buildup hurts your dryer’s performance and could lead to overheating (fire!). Same goes with your hair dryer. When it comes to cleaning a hair dryer it’s best to go online to find out how your dry manufacturer suggests cleaning.

But in general, for most hair dryers, there is typically a latch at the far end of the dryer head. Unlatch (or unscrew if needed), then use a toothbrush to scrub out hair, dust, and flakes of dry skin that get trapped in the filter. You’ll be amazed at how much better your dryer works after cleaning!

6. How to clean scrunchies and hair accessories
Product buildup and germs gather on your clips, ties, and headbands. Fill your sink with warm water and mild dish soap, and let ‘em soak. Towel dry in the sun if you can… or dry them with your newly-cleaned hair dryer!                                 

7. How often should I change my pillowcase? Weekly!
At least! Speaking for moms everywhere, we’re hoping this is not big news. But… clean linens (or silk pillowcases if that’s what you use to prevent frizz… lots of us do!) are key to keeping your hair and scalp fresh, not to mention supporting your overall health. Wash in warm water with light detergent to get rid of shedding skin and hair product residues. A freshly laundered pillowcase is good for healthy hair and the sweetest of dreams!

8. Do hair products expire? Yes, throw them out!
Be sure to throw out old hair products, or ones you never use (or liked). Maybe you paid a small fortune for some super-hyped styling product and it failed to live up to the hype. That’s no reason to give it some of your valuable shelf space. Bye, bye to that bad buy.

Here are other good reasons to toss products:

  • Do hair products expire? Yep. They do. Check the expiration date, and if it’s up, toss ‘em.
  • Has the product’s texture gone funky? If it looks funny or smells funny (rancid?) say bye.
  • If there’s only a tiny smidge left… you loved it, you used it… get a new one!
  • If it doesn’t work on your hair: You read the directions, you watched the tutorials, you asked your stylist, you called the company’s customer service – nothin’.
  • If they’re made with ingredients that are bad for your hair. Not sure what to look for? Check out our guide on hair care ingredients you should avoid.

Need to replace your old, expired products? We got you. Check out Color Wow best sellers.

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