Summer days are fading fast… and so are those beach-y beauty benefits you love. Your tan is melting away and alas, you’ve got faded hair color on your hands. It seems your gorgeous blonde hair shades and sun-kissed highlights are no more.

That sizzlin’ summer sun may have been fun for you, but not so much for your hair.

And while it’s hard to say goodbye to summer, it’s pretty easy to say goodbye to blonde hair color that’s turned into burnt-out, frazzled, fried hair.

Whether your hair is feeling dry as dune grass or looking dull as sand, we have a solution.

Check out our favorite après-summer hacks to revamp and revive damaged blonde hair so that every perfectly golden strand can fall into place.

Summer Hair Problem #1:

You overdid the salt and now it feels like you have blonde fried hair

We love, love, love swimming in salt water and letting it dry in our hair.

A dip in the briny deep leaves hair feeling thick, full, and lush.

The only problem? When you spend the whole season dipping your hair in ocean water, by the end of summer your hair is dry as straw. And dull to boot. The solution for dehydrated, blonde fried hair?

Adding moisture back into the hair with a deep treatment. We love our Color Wow Coconut Cocktail Leave-In Treatment, it’s the perfect quencher for thirsty hair thanks to super-hydrating coconut oil and 18-MEA that mimics and replaces the lost lipid layer.

Summer Hair Problem #2:

Your blonde hair has turned green from chlorine

You’ve been frolicking about poolside for most of the day and noticed a green tinge appear towards the end of your vacation - sound familiar? 

Chlorine is used to disinfect pool water, and its oxidation with the copper within the water is what causes that green glow. As such, chlorine and blonde hair don’t get on too well with one another, but with a little help from Color Wow Dream Filter, you can help revive blonde hair after chlorine damage.

Apply this mineral remover treatment onto dry locks before shampooing and conditioning. Dream Filter detoxes your hair of all minerals in just 3 minutes by acting like a magnet to attract minerals to the surface of your hair before encapsulating them for ease of rinsing away. Add this into your hair washing routine once a week, and visit our guide on protecting hair from chlorine for more tips.

Summer Hair Problem #3:

You’ve got faded hair color, so your blonde hair highlights look anything but bright

Have your bright gleaming highlights turned into a dull blonde fade? Or maybe, you’ve got *gasp* brassy blonde hair?

Color Wow Color Control Purple Toning + Styling Foam to the rescue--on all counts.

How? This new-tech alcohol-free formula has just a hint of lavender tint to tone down any orange blonde hair and put your color back on track. Plus, it restores bouncy elasticity to hair.

Summer Hair Problem #4:

Splitting Hairs

Blonde hair color chemicals can be harsh on hair. Add summer sun to the mix and you may have noticed an excess of blonde breakage and splitting hairs.

The solution? Head to the salon, chop chop.

Now I know what you're thinking, “I didn't say anything about wanting a summer haircut!”But now is the perfect time to head to the salon because a lot of people experience faster hair growth in the summer. And while your new growth is stronger and has more protein and integrity, the ends have been around a long time… and it’s time to go.

The best way to preserve the health of this fresh hair is to trim off any older, splitting hairs, which could end up splitting further up the hair and causing more damage.

And if you’re thinking you can repair those splitting hairs, think again. Split ends can really only get “glued together” with conditioners and serums for so long. The fact is, split ends can never be completely fixed, but they can, and should, be completely removed! Head to your favorite salon. 

Summer Hair Problem #5:

Your hair color strays to another shade of blonde

You love going blonde… the sun might decide to take your honey, tawny, or buttery tones even blonder.

The sun’s heat can actually re-activate bleach, so your blonde gets blonder and blonder… and sometimes goes past the point of no return (and sometimes barely any color).

Pro colorists will tell you that even the whitest platinum shades have very subtle undertones, to keep them on the blonde color spectrum, and ensure they have dimension and an overall warm or cool tonality.

But when UV rays wash out your blonde, it may be time to turn things down a bit. Learn all about the ins and outs of sun-damaged hair with our guide.

The solution? Talk to your colorist about going blonde with lowlights. The lowlights can bring your blonde back in range and flatter your complexion, just in time for fall.

With a little help from Color Wow products, blonde hair repair doesn’t have to feel like such a minefield! Your color will soon be feeling fresh and revitalized ahead of the colder months. For more tips on how to maintain your blonde, check out celeb stylist Chris Appleton’s guide to all things blonde breakage

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