How to Use One-Minute Transformation like a Pro

One-Minute Transformation is one of our most-loved products with over 5,000 5-star reviews. And thanks to all your before and afters, testimonials and incredible videos, it’s gone viral on social! So thank you so much for all the love!! 

Because there is nothing like One-Minute Transformation in the market, we often get questions on how it works, who it’s for, what its benefits are and so much more. So we thought we’d break it all down for you! 

Watch our Global Director of Education, Giles Robinson, break down all the amazing benefits of One-Minute Transformation, then check out your most frequently asked questions below.

How do I use One-Minute Transformation?

Here’s how to use our beloved hair treatment for frizz and de-puffing:

hand squeezing out color wow one minute transformation

  • Use on dry hair. Apply a small amount to frizzy, unruly areas.
  • Brush through with a brush to smooth away frizz and creases/dents caused by hair clips, ponytail clasps, headbands, etc.
  • For a more polished look, wrap sections around a brush and hit for 15 seconds with blow dryer heat.

What hair type is One-Minute Transformation for?

brown frizzy hair next to color wow one minute transformation

One-Minute Transformation works especially well on frizzy, dry, dehydrated and coarse hair but it can be used by anyone to smooth out and polish second-day hair/bedhead.

Can One-Minute Transformation be used on curly hair?

Yes! One-Minute Transformation can be used as anti-frizz for curly hair. Simply scrunch it into the hair to remove any frizz. It also helps to revive the life of your curls for second day hair.

What are the benefits of One-Minute Transformation?

before and after having used color wow one minute transformation

So many! One-Minute Transformation is a multitasker that can:

  • Fake a professional blow dry in minutes
  • Recondition dehydrated hair
  • Instantly smooth + tame frizz on dried hair
  • Tame + depuff swollen hair
  • Groom + gloss short hair
  • Instantly banish bed head
  • Erase dents from clips + ponytails
  • Get rid of static, STAT

Plus, it’s super easy to apply on the go – anytime, anywhere!

Will One-Minute Transformation make my hair greasy?

chris appleton with a model

No, One-Minute Transformation will not make your hair greasy. Typical styling creams contain emulsifiers or waxes that don’t penetrate into your hair, creating a greasy, heavy coat on the surface. One-Minute Transformation, however, does not contain these. Instead, it’s rich in avocado oil and Omega 3’s, which allow it to instantly absorb into the hair on contact to hydrate, nourish, silken and smooth.

Is there heat protection in One-Minute Transformation

hair dryerYes! 

One-Minute Transformation contains 3 kinds of heat protection: hydrating, heat absorbing and heat deflection.

Read more about how to protect your hair from heat damage here.

Does this product need heat to activate it?

No, One-Minute Transformation is not heat activated. It is a styling cream that is applied on dried hair.

Is One-Minute Transformation safe for keratin-treated hair? 

straight red hair being lifted with a comb


One-Minute Transformation is sulfate-free and paraben-free.

It is also 100% safe on keratin-treated hair. 

Will One-Minute Transformation work on short hair?

woman with short blonde hair


Not only does One-Minute Transformation remove frizz, but it also works great as a styling cream for short hair.

Does One-Minute Transformation contain alcohol? 

No! There is no alcohol in the One-Minute Transformation so it will not dry out the hair.

Can One-Minute Transformation be used on wet hair?

No, One-Minute Transformation is meant to be a quick frizz fix on dried hair.

Is this product only good for color treated hair?

Nope! All Color Wow products are beneficial for color-treated AND non-color-treated hair.

How is it different from Pop and Lock?

color wow one minute transformation and pop and lock

One-Minute Transformation is a styling cream that absorbs into dried hair to instantly defrizz, hydrate, silken, smooth and nourish. 

Pop and Lock is an oil-serum blend that treats and styles at the same time. Used on wet or dry hair, it works inside the strand to hydrate and restore silky suppleness. On the surface, it forms a crystal clear, UV protectant shield that smooths the cuticle flat, temporarily seals split ends, adds major gloss and renews color vibrancy.

How is it different from Dream Coat?

color wow one minute transformation and dream coat

One-Minute Transformation is a styling cream and quick frizz fix that is applied on dried hair that is already frizzy to help smooth, tame frizz, hydrate and silken. It requires no heat activation. Dream Coat is the most advanced anti-frizz and anti-humidity treatment that prevents frizz from happening in the first place.

Applied to damp hair and activated by the heat of your blow dryer, it is the only product in the world that totally blocks out frizz-inducing moisture no matter how extreme the humidity.

How? By wrapping each strand in a weightless, water-resistant sheath.

Moisture literally beads up and rolls off hair! Frizz-free results last through 3 to 4 shampoos. 


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