Ever daydream about how to make your hair instantly shinier? There’s nothing more stunning than a shiny finish, especially if you’re prone to dry and dull hair. But the key to getting long-lasting shine not only relies on the right product, but also the right techniques. Sure, you can easily finish off any hairstyle with a quick misting of gloss. But if you’re anything like us (and we’re pretty sure you are!), you’re all about going that EXTRA mile for a seriously radiant, dimensionally shiny finish. Our shiny hair go-to? Color Wow Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray.

Now, if anyone knows the ins and outs of how to get otherworldly shiny hair, it’s our celeb stylist Chris Appleton. He’s styled the most silky, smooth hairstyles on the most glam celebs out there, including JLo, Kim K, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry. So we asked him to delve into his bag of tricks and share his most effective shiny hair tips. Read on for your new shiny hair styling routine.

Flat iron hair to melt in shine

When using Extra on a straight hairstyle, Chris always finishes the look with a flat iron to get a dimensional shine. “I always like to use a bit of heat with it, and then kind of melt it into the hair. So what this will do is give you that real luxe finish. And as you put the iron through the hair, you can see how the shine spray simply melts in.”


Pair Extra with Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

Chris’ best products for shiny hair are Extra and Dream Coat. “My secret weapon is to always use the Color Wow Dream Coat because, for me, that’s what gives you that transformative finish. That’s what really will change the hair from looking dull and drab to something really vibrant and glossy and shiny.” After blow drying the hair, Chris will mist Extra on top of Dream Coat and...WOW! The radiance is unreal.

Spray on dry ends for a blast of moisture

Before Chris wraps up a look, he loves to give the ends a final blast of shine spray to achieve that healthy shine. “I don’t think you can ever be too extra, so I just add a little blast on the ends just to give it a little more shine.

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