We want to “rays” awareness of the sun’s effect on your hair…

Summer can be So. Un. Fair! Just when you’re in a major chillin’ mode... the environment’s in a color killin’ mode. Hair color saboteurs are everywhere: Heat, humidity, salt water, chlorine and UV rays suck the moisture out of your hair, make it dull, dry, brittle AND throw your color flat on its brass.

Here are our summer hair care tips to keep your color wow during the hotter months.

1. Stay clear-headed

Summer heat makes your scalp sweaty and ramps up oil production. This can cause irritation, clog follicles, even cause hair loss! The key is to keep your scalp clean and residue free. DO NOT LOAD UP AND SMOTHER YOUR SCALP WITH DRY SHAMPOO!!

DO use a gentle sulfate-free formula like Color Wow Color Security Shampoo so you can shampoo as often as you need to without fear of color fade. Even more importantly, Color Wow Color Security Shampoo is uniquely formulated without any “stay behind” ingredients found in most shampoos (like silicones, oils, conditioning agents, thickening agents) so your hair and scalp are truly clean, fresh and free to thrive! 

2. Keep your color in the shade

(That is: the shade you want it to be!) With a “non-oxidizing” conditioner. 

Color Wow Creative Director Nicola Clarke says, “Conditioners are key for break-free detangling and healthy hydration. Color Wow Color Security Conditioner, for fine to normal, is ultra-light. And unlike most other conditioners, it doesn’t have any ingredients that will oxidize in the sun and make your color brassy. It’s only got translucent moisturizers, so your color stays pure and vibrant.”


Color Wow Cocktails are leave-in, hair nourishing supplements that help put back what color chemicals take away! In summer, I recommend the Coconut Cocktail the minute your hair feels dehydrated. It adds moisture and creates a translucent outer barrier that creates a silky, healthier appearance instantly.

Use a little Coconut Cocktail every time you shampoo and condition, before blow-drying. It’s heat-activated. Or, comb it through wet hair, put on a hat, and let the sun activate the Omega-3 goodness that renews silky slip to every strand. It smells great too!”

4. Invest in UV protecting summer hair products

UVA and UVB rays break down hair fibers so color molecules leach out, fast and furious. (BTW, protein and moisture too!) Sun’s radiation also changes color values, taking away “cool” tones and firing up reds and yellows, which turns your hair brash and brassy.

How to lock color and block UV? Color Wow Pop + Lock, formulated with UV filters, locks down cuticles with a high-gloss top coat, trapping and holding color. The result? Color that pops, mirror-like reflection, and UV protection.

5. Tuck your tresses under a hat

It’s a blinding glimpse of the obvious on blindingly sunny days… but ditto on overcast days, when UV rays still blast your hair. We love broad-brimmed straw styles that cover your hair, with the bonus benefit sun protection for your face too! 


6. Foil frizz, fake a blow-dry

"One Minute Transformation is the miracle cream you need to take everywhere. Just smooth it over any frizzy bits to make them disappear instantly. Not oily or greasy. Use it anytime on dry hair to smooth crimps and bends, and fake the look of a fresh, perfectly polished professional blow-dry in a minute!!”

Hair care during summer doesn’t have to feel like a chore! With Color Wow products you can keep your colored locks feeling healthy and looking glistening even in hot weather.

For more advice on tackling harsh UV rays, check out our guide to sun-damaged hair and find out how to revive blonde shades from a post-summer burnout.

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