Dream Coat makes a bold claim “#1 anti-humidity hair protection that lasts through 3-4 Shampoos”. A multi-award winner with over 22,000 5-star reviews and a huge fan base around the world, this product has racked up some serious creds.

And yet, there are skeptics who question “can a product that feels like nothing on your really act as a moisture barrier to keep hair smooth and frizz free for days?” Even we have to admit, it does seem too good to be true.

And that’s exactly what YouTuber Heidi Guttenberg thought when she bought Color Wow Dream Coat Anti-Humidity Spray for the first time. “I have to admit, I am a little bit skeptical,” Heidi told her followers in a video. “You know, there are so many hyped up products out there that I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one.”

Heidi, who is known for her rigorous product tests on her YouTube channel, lives in Buenos Aires, one of the humidity capitals of the world, and is all too familiar with the struggle of taming hair drenched in humidity.

“It basically makes your hair a little bit unmanageable, and your blowouts don’t last,” she says. “Even straightening your hair doesn’t last that long because there’s very little we can do against those very extra humid days.”

When Heidi stumbled upon Dream Coat, she was hooked by the promise of humidity protection that lasts for days. So she put it through the ultimate 3-day test. And of course we wanted to know… did it pass?

Still skeptical? See it for yourself! Keep scrolling to watch and read about all the extreme ways Heidi tested Dream Coat’s Anti-Humidity abilities.


“So far I can tell you my hair feels a lot more manageable, a lot softer to the touch,” says Heidi after finishing blowing out her hair with Dream Coat.

Heidi was able to achieve a sleek and frizz-free finish in the span of a single blow dry without the help of other frizz-fighting products or hot tools – which is not usually the case for her. “Typically I would need a flat iron to get this type of result, and I did not have to do that today. So that gets me super, super excited!”

Not only did Dream Coat save her hair from the extra heat, but it also added incredible shine to her frequently bleached blonde hair. As anyone with color-treated blonde hair would know, bleaching often sucks the natural shine out of hair, plus makes it more prone to dehydration, breakage, and frizz. What Dream Coat does is control your hair’s moisture level, locking out any excess moisture that causes hair to swell and frizz. The result? Hair that looks and feels healthy, shiny, and sleek.


The morning after her Dream Coat application, Heidi exposed her hair to some real extreme humidity by jumping in the shower with her hair pulled back in a bun.

“I do take quite hot, steam showers so I guess my point is that there was humidity involved,” Heidi says. “There were little tiny droplets for sure because I did not wear a shower cap. So I kind of did it on purpose, and because that’s how I usually do things.”

The result? Despite the steamy shower, Heidi’s hair remained incredibly sleek and shiny, as if she had blown it out again!


On the third day, Heidi washed her hair and blew it out again to see if the effects would last through a shampoo. It also just so happened to be a very rainy day in Buenos Aires. This was the ultimate test, according to Heidi, because her hair does not play well with rain. But despite alllll that, Heidi was impressed with her hair’s behavior.

“I do feel like it [hung] in there in spite of all that rain because of the Color Wow and that polymer that protects your hair from humidity,” Heidi says.

So does Dream Coat live up to the hype? We’re happy to say it does!





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