Imagine: perfectly bundled, bouncy, juicy curls that look and feel totally natural, totally naked... like nothing is on your hair! Curl Wow’s “Naked Technology” (aka our proprietary Profaxil-18 Complex) uses completely new micro-dispersion technology to moisturize, defrizz and define curls so there’s no weight, no greasy feel, no crunch and no rigid cast.

Pre-shampoo moisturizer keeps curls from tangling, matting or breaking on washday

Snag-Free ~ Pre-Shampoo Detangler For Curly Hair


Pre-Shampoo Detangler

Adds slip to curls for easy shampooing, a deeper clean + less breakage. With defrizzing Pracaxi Oil, lubricating Coconut Oil + Profaxil-18 Complex™.

Pre-Shampoo Detangler For Curly Hair

Adds slip to curls before you shampoo for tangle-free washing and a deeper, fresher clean


A healthier cleanse for curls. Leaves no residues + “anchors” hair for less shedding

Hooked ~ 100% Clean Curl Shampoo ~ with Root-Locking Technology


100% Clean Shampoo
Root-Locking Technology

Super-sudsing, sulfate-free, no-residue formula delivers optimal fresh hair + scalp. Plus, our Procapil Complex® helps anchor strands to reduce shedding.

100% Clean Curl Shampoo
with Root-Locking Technology

Residue-free, sulfate-free formula helps anchor hair to prevent shedding + reduce breakage in curly hair


Deep-down moisture brings back bounce, elasticity. Sets static curls in motion!

Coco-Motion ~ Lubricating Curl Conditioner


 Lubricating Conditioner

Marula Oil + Coconut Oil + Profaxil-18 Complex™ lubricate the protein chains inside dehydrated curls to bring back bounce, elasticity + fluid motion.

Lubricating Curl Conditioner

Instantly gives dry, dehydrated, brittle, “static” curls fluid motion, silky texture, bounce + elasticity


“Life-serum” infuses strands with moisture for silky, glossy, juicy curls

Flo-etry ~ Vital Natural Curly Hair Serum


Vital Natural Serum

Jojoba, Pequi and Coconut Oils + Profaxil-18 Complex™ replace the essential scalp oils (sebum) that curls lack because oils can’t flow down the natural bends + twists.

Clinically proven to deliver 84% less breakage.

Vital Natural Curly Hair Serum

Rich-oil blend moisturizes strands from root to tip for instantly plump, plush, juicy curls. No weight or greasy feel!


2-in-1 styler+hydrator bundles, de-frizzes, defines without weight or crunch

Shook ~ Mix + Fix Bundling Curly Hair Spray


Mix + Fix Bundling Spray

Mix-to-activate spray combines a “layer” of advanced styling polymers with a “layer” of powerful moisturizing oils (Jojoba, Rice Bran, Passion Flower, Grape Seed + Profaxil-18 Complex™) for perfectly defined, weightless, glossy, frizz-free curls.

Clinically proven to deliver 78% less frizz in high humidity.

Mix + Fix Bundling Curly Hair Spray

Shake-to-activate spray combines powerful hydrators + crunch-free polymers for perfectly defined, glossy, frizz-free curls



The groundbreaking science behind “Naked Technology” is our proprietary Profaxil-18 Complexdeveloped by Dr. Joe Cincotta in our lab. Profaxil-18 Complex:

1. Reduces the droplet size of rich oils so that instead of sitting on hair’s surface in “greasy” pools, these oils are micro-dispersed and can penetrate and infuse curls with hydrating, lubricating moisture.

2. The MEA-18 component of this complex rises to hair’s surface, where it creates a glossy, weightless seal that locks in moisture, smooths frizz AND feels dry to the touch.

Profaxil-18 Complexis why Curl Wow formulas can dramatically transform even dry, dehydrated wiry curls and coils...but still leave the hair feeling soft, silky and totally natural. Want more details on this scientific breakthrough?

DR. Joe explains naked technology in curl wow