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Lately, celeb stylist Chris Appleton has been on a bit of a brunette binge. Actually, a “hot chocolate” binge! Taking many of his fair-haired celeb clients to a darker place with hair shades like fresh espresso, polished mahogany, warm chestnut…rich, enticing colors that are anything but basic brown. Definitely stirring things up all over social media, and giving blonde shades some serious competition!

Despite living in the land of California beach blondes (and being one of them himself!), Chris may be more qualified than any hair stylist on the planet when it comes to taking special care of brunette hair. After all, his work includes constantly re-inventing the tresses of one of the world’s most iconic brunettes….keeping the style drop-dead gorgeous, and the color ever-evolving, from brown to blonde to pastel to neon then back to black. (Check out @chrisappleton1)


So…what’s the secret to Chris’ rich, luxe brunette styles that are stepping into the spotlight (and grabbing attention away from blondes!!)?

Chris enlightened us…(and this was really a big aha!)

Which begs our next very important question for Chris: What’s the best way to add brilliant, dimensional shine to brown hair?

Chris explained that his technique for working with brunettes involves focusing on optimizing shine every step of the styling process. AND ensuring that the quality of the hair texture is always hydrated, healthy… the best it can possibly be.

Watch Chris transform brunette hair from basic to bombshell!

Watch Chris create brilliant, glossy texture with this hot chocolate style.

Color Wow products are the key to Chris’ “expensive”, luxe brunette styles because they totally transform the texture and make it possible to give the hair an incredibly glossy finish.

Color Security Shampoo

“This is a really, really vital part of the shine process simply because it has no extra ingredients, which will dull the hair down or leave anything on the scalp. A lot of products contain ingredients that tend to lay behind in the hair and can really make the hair look dull, especially with brunettes. It really flattens out the color. So this is a fantastic product to make sure you maintain complete healthiness and shine of the hair but also leaving nothing behind on the scalp.”

Color Security Conditioner

Detangles and hydrates without dulling the hair. Has no ingredients (found in most conditioners) that can oxidize and turn hair brassy.



Dream Cocktail Coconut-Infused

“Brunette hair can look dull, drab and be quite dry. This cocktail is perfect for thirsty hair that needs hydration. I never blow-dry brunette hair without Coconut Cocktail. It makes the hair so hydrated…the hair has a rich, shiny, luxurious feel to it.”


Dream Coat Anti-Humidity Spray

“What a lot of women struggle with, especially with brunette hair, is getting that real high shine. My secret weapon is the Color Wow Dream Coat. I love to use this to really transform any head of hair, but especially brunettes, to get you that real mirror-like radiance – that real high shine, glossy, swishy finish.”


Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray

“What makes a difference in how brunette hair looks is that extra glossy finish. What’s great about the shine spray though is there’s no greasiness, no stickiness. You can really apply a lot of it, especially on the mid-lengths and ends. Then just go over it lightly with heat (from a flat iron) and the shine literally melts into the hair. You can see how that’s gonna catch the eye of anyone when you go to a bar or even walking down the street. That’s for me the money shot. That’s what makes brunette hair really stand out. It’s all about the finish.”

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