We all want celebrity hair. We just can’t stop scrolling through fabulous trending hairstyles that are super chic and give us serious hair envy. But no more! We sat down with celebrity stylist Chris Appleton and scored his best hair tips and tricks. Not familiar with Chris? He’s known as “the man who is re-inventing Hollywood hair.” He’s styled everyone. Kim Kardashian, JLo, Ariana Grande, and Rita Ora...to name a few.

His most sought-after signature style? Glass hair. It’s stark, strong, glossy and commanding - the ultimate look for “glass ceiling shatterers.” According to Chris Appleton, “It’s the modern femme fatale.” But the key to this power look? It’s all biz and no frizz. Read on to learn more about how Chris achieves this celebrity hair look with his “dream regime”.


“First of all, whatever your hair texture and styling goals, it’s critical to use a silicone-free, sulfate-free shampoo that leaves no residue on the hair,” says Chris. Avoid shampoos that contain silicones, oils, creamy moisturizers - these ingredients do not easily rinse off leaving hair dull and weighing it down.


Going for glass hair? You’ll need Chris Appleton’s secret weapon - Dream Coat. “This spray not only makes the hair texture incredibly silky, but it literally acts like a raincoat to block humidity, for days! Dream Coat’s moisture-blocking technology is what makes stick straight, smooth-as-glass, frizz-free style possible,” says Chris.

Chris applies Color Wow Dream Coat anti-humidity spray when hair is wet. Then he blows the hair dry, using a round brush and tension. “When blow drying hair straight, make sure to point the dryer nozzle down the hair shaft. This will keep the cuticle layer as flat and tight as possible and that’s the key to amazing, frizz-free shine.”

“When you’re done, if there are any tiny strays, or misbehaving baby hairs, I load up a tooth brush with hair spray and brush them down. My favorite is Cult Favorite, which won’t darken or yellow the hair,” says Chris Appleton.


Glass Hair isn't just for stick straight strands. Chris' latest look he's obsessed with is the Glass Wave, a femme fatale take on the classic Veronica Lake style that is anything but retro. “This looks very cool and modern because of the immaculate shine.”

Chris starts with damp hair and saturates it thoroughly with Dream Coat to make sure each hair strand gets the benefit of a high gloss finish. After creating a side part, he blow-dries Dream Coat into the hair, section by section, using a little tension and pointing the nozzle of the dryer down. You’ll see a dramatic transformation in the hair texture just by blow-drying.

When hair is dry, start curling the hair being careful to always curl IN THE SAME DIRECTION. Start by misting each section with Color Wow Cult Favorite hairspray for extra hold and to help protect against heat.

When it comes to creating even, consistent curls, a BEACHWAVER is super easy to use.  It automatically rolls hair and takes the hard work out!  Go all around the head, creating curls in the same direction.

Finally, brush out curls to create waves. CHRIS’ PRO TIP FOR BRUSHING OUT DREAM WAVES:

Spray a flexible hairspray directly onto the brush. This dilutes the spray and helps it evenly distribute throughout the hair.

Chris likes Color Wow’s Cult Favorite Hairspray because it won’t dull color or leave any residue - super important when you’re trying to create glassy waves. “Saturate the brush and get in there and start brushing curls out. Don’t worry if starts to gather volume, just keep spraying and brushing.  As the hair starts to fall together, you’ll see the s-waves take shape.”

Another pro tip: “Brush the hair away from the face until waves start to form, then pull it forward which gives it that really romantic look”. If you want, you can put clips into the wave indentations as you work to help hold and set the hair into place.

Create a sleek finish by using the Beachwaver like a brush over the top to lightly “iron” away any awkward flyaways.

From Los Angeles to New York, and London to Paris, Chris is known for his work as a world-renowned conceptual hair stylist, highly sought after by some of the biggest names in music, entertainment, fashion, and advertising.

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