Dry, frizzy, dehydrated hair bumming you out? Ohhh girl, we feel your pain. You’re probably wondering why is my hair so dry all of a sudden? But while it might feel like your only way out is to chop those straw-like strands and start anew, there are actually plenty of remedies that don’t require quite the emotional toll. We’re breaking it all down for you today.

Why is my hair so dry? What does dry hair look like?
Your hair has many ways of trying to tell you it’s deeply dehydrated. If you’re not sure what dry hair looks like, these are the most obvious signs:

  • Coarse, straw-like texture
  • Split Ends
  • Lackluster, dull color with absolutely no shine
  • Lacks bounce and suppleness
  • Won’t hold a style
  • Major static and frizz
  • Brittle, broken strands and lots of short hairs near your roots

Why is my hair so dry?
Now that you’ve determined that your hair is asking for hydration, your next step is to find the culprit and remedy it. Dry hair can be the result of a lot of different factors ranging from how you take care of your hair to things completely out of your control. Environmental factors (such as UV rays and lack of humidity) and genetics (such as your hair’s porosity) are prime examples of those things you can’t control. As for the things you can control… well, you might be dehydrating your strands without even realizing it.

We’re just as emotionally attached to our flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers, but it’s important to give your hair a break now and then. Our suggestion? Chill out, and designate one or two days a week as heat-free styling days. On days when you shampoo and blow-dry, use a Color Wow Dream Cocktail to protect your hair from heat AND help repair your hair. Our Coconut-Infused Dream Cocktail, with moisture-rich coconut oil, is a drink of heavenly hydration for your parched hair.

While Keratin and Brazilian treatments dramatically transform frizzy, unruly, dull hair, they require super high heat and harsh chemicals that suck the moisture out of hair, which can make it porous and seriously dehydrated, bringing up the question, “Why is my hair so dry all of a sudden?” Our advice? Kick the Keratin habit and try our safer, gentler, quicker solution to smoothing frizz: Dream Coat Anti-Humidity Spray.       
Its lightweight formula wraps each strand in a waterproof seal, locking in essential moisture, while blocking out humidity that kicks hair into frizz mode. Dream Coat actually leaves your hair amazingly silky, glossy and supple…not to mention humidity-proofed for days.

Just like harsh chemical treatments can dry your hair out, so can harsh products. Shampoo effects it with sulfates, even stylers with alcohols… these are major moisture-stealers just waiting to suck your strands dry. Just because a product is made for hair doesn’t mean it’s safe for hair. So make sure to ALWAYS be vigilant about checking product ingredients before you buy them!


What are my solutions for dry hair and frizz?
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate at every step of your hair routine. From conditioning in the shower to a hydrating blow-dry treatment to quick touch ups on dry hair – there are an endless amount of ways to restore your hair to its glossy, supple, bouncy, healthy self.

Check out our Healthy Hydration Guide for a one-stop-shop of all our most popular hair drenchers and quenchers you can use to hydrate on the daily.

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