Why Do My Curls Fall Flat? It Might Be Something in the Water

From time to time your curls can seem to lose their bounce. Suddenly your once springy curls seem stretched out, undefined, and just not performing the way you want them to.

This can be due to added weight – potentially because your hair has gotten longer, or you’re using heavy products over and over again, that are leaving behind residues and building up on your strands.

You can switch up your stylers, or even opt for a fresh cut, but that might not totally resolve the problem, because tap water can also weigh heavy on your hair. Common minerals found in everyday tap water build up on surfaces.

You’ve likely seen some of those effects on your shower head, but those same minerals that cause deposits on your hardware can also pile onto your strands. Over time these minerals can stretch your curls out, leaving them feeling heavy and looking weighed down.

Luckily they can be removed with the help of Color Wow’s newest breakthrough, Dream Filter a pre-poo mineral remover.

So what exactly is in your water that’s causing all of this? Well, calcium and magnesium are the most abundant metals found in tap water across the world.

And when water sources contain high volumes of these two minerals, it is often referred to as hard water. In addition to those, aluminum is another mineral commonly found in tap water.

What is the effect of hard water on hair? Well, hard water can leave curly hair coated in a film of mineral buildup which can weigh curls down, stretch them out and cause them to fall flat.

color wow dream filterTo restore the spring back into your curls you need to remove these minerals and that’s where Color Wow’s Dream Filter comes in to play. Dream Filter works like a magnet to extract calcium, magnesium, and aluminum.

(Bonus, it also removes copper, manganese, iron, and chlorine which can discolor your hair.)

The formula combines two molecular filters with two polymeric filters to gently, safely, and quickly remove minerals and metals from the hair.

The formula encapsulates the minerals completely, which allows them to be easily washed off your hair during your shampoo. After that your curls will spring back to life.

Now, Dream Filter is considered a pre-poo. What is a pre-poo? A pre-poo, otherwise referred to as a pre-shampoo, is a step in your curl routine that comes before you begin the cleaning process.

It is an extra step in hair care regimens, and is most often used by members of the natural hair community. Different types of pre-poos exist for different reasons, based on your hair’s overall needs.

Dream Filter is designed as a pre-poo that can remove metals and minerals from hair before you begin the typical cleansing process.

Using Dream Filter as a pre-shampoo is super easy. Simply, spray onto dry hair in sections to ensure even product distribution, let sit for one to three minutes, and then cleanse, condition, and style as usual. The formula is gentle enough to be used weekly if needed.

If you want to keep your curls feeling light, opt for a weightless styler like Dream Coat For Curly Hair.

The formula is as light as water, so it will help preserve your volume. Plus, it contains a polymer that helps boost definition and bounce.


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