Stylist/salon owner Lauren Hurren shares her personal hair story. Lauren’s bubbly personality, great styling tips and support for Color Wow products had us following her insta (@_amara_uk) years ago. But as we got to know her…and love her!… her personal story, her hair troubles and triumphs, came to the surface, and we wanted to share this inspo about how Color Wow changed her hair… and changed her life! 

“Hair” matters a LOT to all of us… but maybe more to Lauren than most. Because for her, hair isn’t just about how she looks. It’s about who she is, what she does, and how she feels about herself. Lauren’s been in the hair industry for 10 years now, as a stylist first and then as a salon owner for 6 years. But up until a few years ago, she had a nagging secret: She was unhappy with her own hair. “It really put me at a disadvantage. For me, personally, as I was developing my career, I knew my own hair didn’t represent the person I wanted to be seen as, or the professional I wanted to become.” 

From day one as a stylist, Lauren prided herself on keeping up with the latest professional hair care innovations to take care of her clients and give them the best possible product recommendations. But in truth, she wasn’t 100% happy with any products she was using, or results she was getting. For her clients, or herself! 

Image of Lauren’s bright blonde wavy hair."My hair is uber fine, naturally wavy/curly, and has been colour-treated for over 10 years. I started in a salon at 12 years old and have had it coloured since then!"

“I was embarrassed. As a stylist, it was quite frustrating to use professional products but have my hair feel weighed down and greasy and look dull,” she says. “I would think, ‘but I’m using high quality professional products. Why does my hair feel this way?’”


Lauren’s “lightbulb moment” happened when she first tried Color Wow’s Anti-Color Security Shampoo in the shower.Humidity Treatment, Dream Coat. “The moment I put it on my hair, I could tell it was different from anything else. It was so light… and the glossy, smooth, healthy-looking results were amazing. I knew this was a brand that had some new, innovative science happening… and I wanted to learn more. So I decided to try the shampoo… and that was what changed EVERYTHING for me! I couldn’t believe how incredibly CLEAN my hair felt – like it had never really been clean before.”

Color Wow Shampoo is a 180-degree departure from other shampoos, which are typically formulated with ingredients that have nothing to do with cleansing your hair… like silicones to smooth frizz, thickening agents to add mass, oils to moisturize. These excessive ingredients don’t rinse out, and leave filmy residues behind on your hair and scalp. For Lauren, switching to Color Wow’s “no-residue” shampoo was the first big step in completely changing the health of her hair… and ultimately, her own level of self-confidence.

“Since learning what most shampoos leave behind in your hair, and discovering what it really feels like to have truly fresh, fuller-feeling hair, I won’t use anything but Color Wow's Shampoo” Lauren tell us… AND all of her clients. “I used to have to wash my hair every day because it would feel greasy and flat right away. Now I can go for days without shampooing and that has really helped my hair get healthier.” 

From her experiences with Color Wow Shampoo and Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Treatment, Lauren went on to try other Color Wow innovations. And she has become a major fan of several formulas including Dream Filter Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover. “I have hard water, which leaves minerals in my hair that make my blonde dull and dark. This spray lifts them away in a few minutes!”

Image of Lauren with healthy, shiny, smooth hair.Since making Color Wow products her go-to routine, Lauren says the difference in her hair, before and after, is worlds apart. Instead of looking frizzy and damaged, it now has a natural sheen, luxe texture and healthy quality. And that allows her to more effortlessly achieve the smooth and voluminous styles she loves to wear.  

Beyond all that, it's given her self-confidence and her career a major boost! “After using Color Wow pretty much exclusively, it’s made such a difference in my own hair that I’m totally comfortable advising clients how to get their hair in tip-top shape with these game-changing products. Lots of products are out there that can fake the look of healthy hair… but Color Wow legitimately gets you there.”


Dream FilterDream Filter
“Our water system in the UK uses copper pipes, and copper gets into my hair and turns it so brassy! So in order to keep my hair from looking super yellow and brassy, I use Dream Filter every other week to lift away mineral buildup from my hard water.” 


Color Security ShampooColor Security Shampoo
“I truly believe the foundation of your hair care starts with your shampoo. Not only is it the one product everyone uses but it’s also the only product that gets massaged into your scalp. So it’s important that everything rinses off so your follicles aren’t blocked. I always do 2 cleanses – a surface cleanse and then a richer lather to remove deeper dirt.”


Color Security ConditionerColor Security Conditioner

“Even though I have fine hair, I like to use the Normal-to-Thick formula because it deeply hydrates both my natural hair and my extensions. You’d think it would weigh my hair down, but it’s so weightless that it doesn’t!” 



Kale CocktailKale Cocktail
“I have naturally quite curly and weak hair, plus I bleach, so I struggle with breakage and brittleness. Kale has been my lifesaver. It’s a savior for anyone with color-treated blonde or damaged hair. Not only is it an instant fix to strengthen my strands, but I’ve noticed it’s made my hair stronger over time. I have less breakage and split ends.”


Dream Coat Anti-Humidity SprayDream Coat Anti-Humidity Spray
“This is magic. It helps keep the frizz away through at least 3 shampoos. It’s also essential to keeping my extensions fresh. Plus, it’s helpful in creating an even consistency between my hair and the extensions. It makes it look very natural.”

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