Are you constantly buying and trying volumizing shampoos to get thicker, fuller hair? If you’ve got fine, thin, limp locks… or just a bad case of “big hair envy” and you keep searching for a volumizing shampoo to fulfill your big hair dreams, well…we’ve got some bad news for you. It’s never gonna happen. At least, not with a SHAMPOO.

Sure, there are dozens of shampoos on the market that claim to give your hair “instant volume” and “full, thick texture”. But at Color Wow, we’ve le
arned that just the opposite is true. Volumizing and thickening shampoos can actually make your hair flatter and thinner!

Here’s what we discovered: In order to add bulk or mass to your hair, so-called “volumizing” shampoos have to contain ingredients (like thickening resins) that are engineered to not rinse out, and to adhere to your hair strands. This can create the temporary feel of thicker, more voluminous hair… but not for long! And at a terrible cost! 

When thickening and volumizing ingredients are in a SHAMPOO there are major problems:

  • When you massage a shampoo onto your head, it’s for one critical reason: to cleanse and refresh your hair and scalp. If that shampoo formula is leaving residual ingredients on your hair, then it’s not doing its simple, basic job and your hair and scalp are NOT getting clean!

  • Wash after wash, these “stay-behind” ingredients continue to build up. So instead of making your hair fuller and more voluminous, volumizing shampoos actually leave your hair weighed down, flattened, limp. And leave you wondering “why has my shampoo stopped working?”!!

  • But if you keep using volumizing and thickening shampoos, things can get WAY worse: You could actually experience hair thinning and loss! That’s right. Those “thickening” and “volumizing” ingredients that get massaged onto your scalp and don’t rinse out can build up, cause inflammation, block and irritate follicles. And when that happens, healthy hair growth stops and strands can suffocate, fall out. 

So, if you can’t get volume with a volumizing shampoo (and it really isn’t healthy for hair) what’s the safe way to give your hair big volume?

Well it does start with a shampoo… but one that leaves your hair and scalp 100% clean and residue-free. Color Wow Color Security Shampoo has no “stay-behind” ingredients (no thickening or volumizing resins, no conditioning agents, no silicones, no oils, no pearlizing agents) that stick to your hair and scalp.

color wow color security shampoo

So you get fresh, sparkling clean, glossy hair (and scalp!) that’s light as air… the perfect base for creating sky-high styles with volumizing stylers.


When your strands are super clean and unimpeded by any residues,
Color Wow stylers can give you a whole new level of lift, fullness and volume. The key here is that all these products are lightweight (and never massaged into your scalp like shampoo!). Bonus: They all contain up to 3 kinds of heat protection to keep your hair strong, healthy and glossy.

1. Color Security Conditioner (for Fine to Normal Hair)
Super lightweight conditioner detangles and hydrates without weighing hair down.

2. Dream Cocktail Carb-Infused
This leave-in thickening treatment, activated by blow-dryer heat, instantly fattens each strand so even the finest hair types look full and thick.

3. Color Control Toning + Styling Foams
Add major body and bounce to your hair with these non-stiff, non-sticky styling foams that also tone brassy hues. Use with rollers in our Big Hair Bundle for insane volume.

4. Raise the Root Thicken + Lift Spray
This lightweight, non-stiff spray forms a “spring” around each strand to instantly lift your roots off your head for major volume and bounce.

5. Style on Steroids Texturizing Spray
The perfect lightweight spray for adding guts and full, sexy texture to any finished look without your hair feeling stiff or sticky. Also amazing for zhushing up second-day hair.



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