Image of steamy shower with an X over it. 1. Extreme Steam
You love the heat of the moment. But your hair, not so much. Steamy showers lift hair’s cuticle, causing moisture loss, dehydration and color fade. Hot showers can leave your scalp dry and itchy. The key to healthier hair and scalp plus vibrant color is cooler waters temps (no steam in sight!) 

2. Using a “Dirty” Shampoo
Shampoo is supposed to clean your hair, period. If a shampoo promises to do more than that (like “thicken,” “smooth” or “add shine”), put it down and RUN! Shampoos that claim to do more than clean contain excess ingredients (silicones, conditioning and thickening agents) that do not easily rinse off and actually leave your hair dull, weighed down….or even worse, block new healthy hair growth. Look for a gentle, sulfate-free formula like Color Wow Shampoo that does just what it’s supposed to do: leave your hair and scalp fresh and clean!


3. Misguided ConditioningImage of conditioner in the scalp with an X over it.
Never just plop a blob of conditioner onto the top of your head. Keep conditioner away from scalp. Apply only where you need it. Usually from mid-length to ends. Do NOT massage into scalp. Apply more conditioner to ends if they are super straggly.

4. Skipping A Last Fast Icy Blast

Just as hot water is bad….cold is good. Cold water closes hair’s cuticle for a smoother, shinier surface, stimulates your scalp…even kick-starts your circulation. It’s the ultimate wake up call. So grit your teeth, steel yourself and take one for the team (your hair, skin, and overall health) by turning the faucet to freezy-cold and counting to 30.


Image of a tightly-wrapped towel on hair with an X over it. 5. Roughing It Up
Color-treated hair can be very fragile, have little elasticity and prone to “snapping” when pushed, pulled or stretched. So…no more wrapped-tight towel burrito or vigorous, rough rubbing. Instead, gently place hair sections in a folded towel, then press to squeeze out water.

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