For years we’ve been asked, “why doesn’t Color Wow make a shine spray?”, and we’ve always answered, “because there are already dozens of shine sprays out there.” With the market so oversaturated with different kinds, we didn’t want to just add to the pot. At Color Wow, we never bring a product to market unless it’s new, fresh…a game-changer that delivers something EXTRA!

Then, unexpectedly, our Color Wow R+D guru Dr. Joe (Cincotta) stumbled upon a whole new way to amp up the shine factor, and Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray came to be. But we had to know, what’s the secret behind this mist-ery formula?

How exactly does EXTRA deliver such intensely glossy, healthy-looking hair?

We stopped by the Color Wow lab where Dr. Joe enlightened us. “First and foremost, the major tech story behind Extra is photoluminescence.” (Huh?!) “or literally, ‘flower power’. Natural radiance based on the light-emitting capacity of a lowly, weed-like, Mediterranean plant called Mullein”.

Dr. Joe went on to talk about the remarkable, organically-derived light source built into our shine spray, thanks to Mullein extracts.

He told us that scientists discovered Mullein when they noticed that pollinators, like bees and butterflies, seemed to favor it over other surrounding flowers. Wanting to find out what made Mullein so attractive, the scientists extracted its phytochemicals (which are the chemical compounds plants produce to help them survive over their competition).

What they found is amazing: Mullein actually harvests ultraviolet light – you know, those invisible sun rays that give you sunburn - converts it into visible, full spectrum light and emits it outward. Simply put, Mullein uses UV rays to turn a spotlight on itself, which in turn attracts the most, and best pollinators.

Our take-away? This “natural spotlight” definitely has Mullein looking so EXTRA among flowers…the same affect our shine spray has on our hair!

Now, you may be thinking, “that’s great and all, but putting a spotlight on my style won’t do me any good if my hair is weighed down, or looking greasy”. We’re going to stop you right there, because we are way ahead of you. Our shine spray was engineered to bypass the “greasy build up” issue. We designed a special actuator (spray nozzle) so the spray releases as a super-fine mist that gently falls onto your hair. The product itself is super lightweight and non-greasy, which makes it a perfect finishing spray because it won’t wilt or flatten any style you conjure up.

Beyond creating radical radiance, the moment EXTRA lands on your hair it begins to moisturize via its vitamin derivatives panthenyl ethyl ether, a pro-vitamin B5, and phytantriol. We know, that’s a lot of sciency gobbledygook, but it’s all good and we wanted to let you know that this spray goes the EXTRA mile for hair that feels as healthy as it looks!

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