There’s nothing like walking out of the salon after a color refresh to give your confidence a major boost. But unfortunately it’s not as easy to visit your favorite salon these days. We’ve all been missing our stylists and colorists and it shows lol.

Whether your salon is open right now or not, or if you just don’t feel safe going to a salon, we want to help you get that fresh-color confidence back while at home. So, we teamed up with our friend Sarah Rose Summers (@sarahrosesummers) to show you how to safely and easily brighten your color at home without using dyes or bleach. Watch Sarah in action below, then read on for the full breakdown.


After a couple months in lockdown, Sarah’s icy blonde hue began to take a turn for the worse. “[My color] is almost looking like a green-orange-yellow color, which I do not love. I love more of that bright, white blonde,” Sarah says.

So Sarah decided to take her color into her own hands with the Color Wow Detox Duo: Dream Filter Pre-Shampoo Mineral Spray + Color Security Shampoo. This revolutionary duo takes at-home color care to the next level by focusing on two major color-corrupters: your shower water and your shampoo.

1. My shower water? How…? Yes, your shower water can wreak havoc on your hair color. About 85% of Americans live with hard water, which is water with high concentrations of minerals and metals. It can make your laundry feel stiff and cause a white residue to build up on your glass kitchenware and sink faucets. But most people are unaware that it can lead to some serious hard water hair problems. Just like those minerals and metals build up on your laundry and glassware, they also build up on your hair. Over time, you’ll start to notice darkening or discoloration of your hair and rougher texture. (Not sure if you have hard water? Read this blog.)

Up until recently, your only solution was to use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the build up. But these formulas are harsh and can actually strip your gorgeous color from your hair. Sarah’s solution for dealing with hard water build up? Dream Filter. This breakthrough pre-shampoo treatment works like a magnet to gently lift minerals and metals off your hair and get rinsed away when you shampoo, revealing brighter, lighter color in three minutes or less. No chemicals, no dyes. Just a super gentle, healthy, easy-to-use spray with instantly brilliant results.

2. My shampoo can corrupt my color? You must be kidding. Nope, most shampoos these days are made with ingredients (thickening or volumizing resins, conditioning agents, silicones, oils, or pearlizing agents) that are designed to stay behind and stick to your hair in order to achieve a desired result, such as thicker hair or frizz-free hair. Over time, these residues can dull your hair color, plus weigh your hair down and potentially block hair follicles, causing thinning.

That’s why Sarah always uses Color Security Shampoo. At Color Wow, we strongly believe your shampoo should clean and only clean. Which is why we made sure our shampoo was 100% clean, sulfate-free AND residue-free. Nothing stays behind that can stick to your hair and dull your color. Hair is left glossy, and sparkling clean. Follow with Color Security Conditioner, a truly color-safe, translucent formula that deeply hydrates without oxidizing and warping your color.

So how did Sarah’s color come out after using the Color Wow Detox Duo?

“I am so happy with how this turned out! It looks extra blonde and bright and just cleaner than it did before. This Color Wow detox duo is the perfect solution in between color appointments.” Sarah says.

Pro Styling Tip: How to keep your color brighter for longer
Do you ever notice after styling that your hair has a slight yellow tinge to it or a weird, white, powdery residue? That’s because most styling sprays contain ingredients that can negatively impact your color. At Color Wow, we include only “good for you ingredients” in our formulas so our products do not contain sulfates, parabens, phthalates, dioxane PPD dyes, sodium chloride, or essential oils. In addition, we took it one step further and banned 61 additional ingredients that can distort or darken your hair color.

It’s for this reason that Sarah loves to use Color Wow Style on Steroids when styling her freshly revived blonde hair. Unlike typical hair sprays, Style on Steroids is made with translucent moisturizing elastomers, so not only is it super flexible, soft, and hydrating, but it won’t leave behind dulling residues, undoing the brightening treatment you just gave your color. Bonus: It’s also formulated with two types of heat protectants. This is especially great for color-treated hair, which is already susceptible to dehydration, leading to even more color fade. Color Wow keeps your color better and brighter for way longer!

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