When the autumn leaves start to change and you’ve got the urge to pack away your pastels in favor of jewel-toned woolly wear, it’s time to give your hair a seasonal switch-up too - it’s time for fall hair colors.

And for some of us, that change is long overdue. Summer heat, sun and exposure can beat up and burn out your hair color. Blondes can end up with bland faded color or brassy hair. Red hair can go totally rogue. And brunettes deal with faded, muted washed-out color tones. On top of it all - your texture can turn to tinder – you’re left with dry, dehydrated, fried hair.
So you may be wondering, if your hair’s in that kind of shape, is it safe to dye damaged hair again? Or will hair color just make things worse?

Good news, you can actually have healthier hair and reap richer, deeper, heartier hues. 
We teamed up with award-winning colorist extraordinaire, Eric Vana (@beverlysutphinn), from the acclaimed West Coast Gene Juarez Salon and Spa to give you the best tips for refreshing your fall hair color.
“In Fall, our complexion tones look paler, less rosy and glowing. So hair color needs to perk up a bit, and the hair needs serious shine intensity to compensate. Plus, where we’re located on the Pacific Rim, the weather can get pretty gloomy and grim. So I like to brighten and enrich my clients’ color with warmer, richer, much more cheerful tones” says Vana.

What should you know before you color your hair?
If you want warm hair shades that pop with dimension and shine, Vana has one thing to say:“It all starts with the health and integrity of the hair. The healthier the hair, the more successful the color. And, the longer it lasts!I tell my clients that they are “my partners in their color care”, and always counsel them to use Color Wow formulas between color sessions. And it makes a huge difference. I have actually seen the quality and integrity of my clients’ hair improve over time. And, when they come back for their next service, the color “takes” so much better!”Vana emphasizes the importance of high-quality, professional products at home.Why? Typical drugstore shampoos strip color and also leave dulling residues and deposits on the hair. Styling products not specifically formulated for fragile color-treated hair can damage the hair.“So my clients’ job is to “prep and prime” their hair at home, and that’s one big reason they are so happy with their color and how their hair looks, feels and behaves.”

What are Eric Vana’s favorite Fall hair colors this year?

When it comes to brunette and blonde hair ideas, caramel is very big. “This is a warm, rich hue. It’s perfect for those who want more of a honey blonde - it adds a reflective depth to ash blonde shades, and gives a bright boost to darker ‘dirty’ blondes,’ and keeps hair looking golden and bright. For brunettes, caramel tones can layer in richness, and make sure they don’t look washed out.”

Redheads can opt for colors inspired by the season. Their shades get warmer too - Vana prefers copper and strawberry blonde highlights.
His time-honored, expert technique for achieving these seasonal hair colors? Classic foils. “Fall is the perfect time for foils.”

How to care for colored hair and prevent brassy blonde hair?

Vana says, “Color Wow Brass Banned Mousse is my go-to to ‘tone-it-down.’”
Why does he turn to this color-friendly styler? The lavender tinted version for blondes counteracts harsh, hot yellows and oranges avoiding the dreaded brassy blonde look. Plus it works wonders to make the hair silky, full and bouncy.For brunettes the teal version has the same effect - it eliminates brassy hair and keeps color bright, rich, and fresh.Want to learn more about Eric Vana and Gene Juarez Salons? Click here.
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