When you work with celebrities, like uber-famous celebrity stylist Chris Appleton, you have to master quick changes. And with A-list clients like Kim K, JLo, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry, who constantly hop from press and red carpet events to hair-whipping live performances and after-parties, Chris Appleton has had plenty of practice serving up majorly gleaming hair with a serious glam factor at a moment’s notice.

So what’s his secret? Years of experience? Hours spent practicing? Prodigy-level skills? Well, for sure that’s part of it. But he’s the first to say that your product choices are critical to the results you achieve! Over the years he’s tried everything and knows what works and what doesn’t. When he doesn’t have time to do a full-blown blowout, he reaches for Color Wow Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray, which dramatically cuts down the time it takes to blow the hair dry.

With Speed Dry’s unique, alcohol-free formula, Chris is able to cut time spent blow drying by a minimum of 30%! Plus it contains heat protection. Having the quality of the hair in paramount condition is one of his trademarks.

Chris’ second speedy styler, One-Minute Transformation, serves as his polisher. Made with Avocado Oil and Omega 3’s, it infuses hair with nutrients that allow it to instantly silken and smooth for healthy, gleaming hair. When hit with 10 seconds of blow dryer heat and a round brush, you can create the illusion of a full-on glam blowout.

Okay okay, enough of us talking the talk, we want you to see this hair magic with your own eyes! And lucky for all of us, Chris is sharing his must-know tricks with us today.

The Breakdown

1. After cleansing and conditioning with the Color Security Duo, generously spray Speed Dry throughout damp, towel-dried hair. Comb through to evenly distribute, then blow dry (30% faster!) until completely dry.

2. Create a deep side part. Working in sections, apply a small amount of One-Minute Transformation to your hands, rub together to activate, then apply to mid lengths and ends. Use round brush and hit with blow dryer heat for 10-15 seconds to infuse majorly silky bounce and gloss into strands for a polished finish. While hair is still hot, use rollers to set hair, rolling in layers from top to bottom. Continue around rest of head.

3. Let hair set until completely cool, about 5 to 10 minutes. Brush out and voila, sexy, bombshell glamour.


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