Easy, quick summer hair for when things start to heat up.Easy, quick summer hair for when things start to heart up.
 Color Wow Global Artistic Director Joseph Maine created this look on Fashion Blogger Liz
Cherkasova, of Late Afternoon, for Coachella and it lasted all day through the desert heat thanks to a few key Color Wow products. Watch now or check out the break down below.

Step 1: Prepped hair. Step 2: Sectioning hair.  Step 3: Sections gathered into ponytails.  Step 4: 6 ponytails in the hair.  Step 5: Using One-Minute Transformation Cream.  Step 6: Splitting the section and securing it behind the next ponytail.  Step 7: Pulling the hair to make a bubble. Step 8: Spraying the hair with Cult Favorite Hairspray.Step 1: Prep hair with Dream Coat for a sleek & shiny start. This anti-humidity spray is necessary to keep this look sleek and frizz-free. Create a clean center part using a rat tail comb.
Step 2: Starting on the left side of the part, take a 1-1.5 inch section parting with a comb in a straight line from the part to the edge of the hairline.


Step 3: Spray the section with Cult Favorite Hairspray and gather into a ponytail. Secure with a clear elastic. Cult Favorite hairspray is key for secure hold without any crunch or dulling color.


Step 4: Repeat section-by-section until you have 6 ponytails going from the front of the head to the base of the neck. Take care to keep the
bases of the ponytail in line.


Step 5: Starting on the left side of the part, take the first ponytail closes to the forehead and smooth on One-Minute Transformation cream. This creates a smooth and polished finish for each pigtail and is imperative to getting keep this sleek look in line.


Step 6: Split the section in 2, taking each section around the next ponytail in line on the head and securing to the 3rd ponytail behind it with a clear elastic.


Step 7: Pull on the teardrop shape you’ve created to exaggerate little “bubbles.” Repeat the process all the way down the head. Move onto the second ponytail. Split, skip, secure.


Step 8: Spray liberally with Cult Favorite to seal in the style without
freezing the hair or creating a cloudy cast on the color.

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