Snarls and snags and snaps, oh my!Image of a model brushing through tangled hair.

Youch! De-tangling your hair hurts! And, it’s so time-consuming. Not to mention that all that yanking causes serious breakage and makes thin hair even thinner.

At Color Wow, we’re super sensitive to hair that’s always in a snarl.

Now, while we can’t promise to make detangling a whole lot of fun, we CAN promise to make it a whole lot easier and faster. Most importantly, we’ll help your hair from going knotty in the first place.

Wondering why your hair tangles so easily? There are lots of reasons why hair gets tangled: the texture, the length, the condition and health of your hair, the weather (windy days, yikes!), and how often you brush. Super fine hair knots up so easily you can do it in your sleep. Literally! Just sleeping on a pillow can rub your hair into a rat’s nest overnight.

At Color Wow, we’re taking on tangles from the OFFENSE, instead of defense! Our goal is to help you avoid conditions and haircare habits that create knots so you don’t have to deal with tortuous detangling.


1. GENTLY brush your hair when it’s dry BEFORE shampooing.

Step 1. Color Wow Dream Smooth Paddle Brush.This is important because your hair strands are stronger and stretchier when they’re dry (more resilient!).

Image of a model easily brushing through tangled hair.You want your hair to be as smooth and unmatted as possible before washing. Our go-to brush is the Dream Smooth Paddle Brush, which is ideal for detangling and preventing breakage.

2. Take off hidden causes of tangles: minerals (from tap water) that build up on your hair.

Step 2. Color Wow Dream Filter Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover.What, you say? Well, we’ve discovered that minerals from tap water build up on your hair over time, leaving a rough surface even on very thin, fine hair. This coarse coating causes strands to entangle and stick together like Velcro.

The solution? Dream Filter Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover, a super gentle spray that lifts off minerals in mere minutes, leaving your hair much, much smoother and less likely to tangle when you shampoo.


3. When you shampoo, use your fingertips and concentrate on massaging the top, sides and back of your head to cleanse your scalp.

Step 3. Color Wow Color Security Shampoo.Don’t scrunch and squeeze your hair together in your fists! When you have fine hair, it doesn’t need a lot of manipulation to get clean. In fact, if you twist and twirl the ends when shampooing you can actually tie your hair into knots. If your fine hair is long, you want to VERY GENTLY pull shampoo suds through to the ends.

NEVER pile it all on top of your head and swish, scrunch and swirl it around with shampoo. “KNOT” a smart move and you’ll be sorry!!

Your goal is hair that’s fresh, clean and residue-free, so we recommend a shampoo formula that rinses clean and leaves no residues or coating on hair, like Color Security Shampoo. Unlike most shampoos, it doesn’t contain ingredients that stay behind, build up or make your hair dull, stiff or matted and will never weigh down your hair.

4. Always use a conditioner!

Step 4. Color Wow Color Security Shampoo.Even baby-fine hair can be dry, and dry hair tends to fly away and get tangled. If you’ve had bad experiences with heavy moisture rich conditioners that weigh your hair down and make it flat and greasy, don’t worry. Just choose a conditioner made specifically for your hair type, like Color Security Conditioner

It’s super light so hair gets ideal hydration, without heavy moisture or greasy buildup.


5. Seal the deal: Give your hair a silky smooth surface that defies tangles.

Step 5. Color Wow Dream Coat.The truth is, if you want to vanquish tangles, you have to vanquish frizz. Because frizzy texture (raised cuticles on the surface of your hair) is the main reason strands snag, get caught on each other, and become entangled.

The problem is, when your hair is fine, traditional frizz fighters like serums or oils are WAY TOO HEAVY!

They coat your hair with a viscous outer layer that doesn’t keep strands from tangling, but leaves them greasy, stringy and separated.

Enter Dream Coat - your fine hair’s tangle-proofing hero! We formulated Dream Coat with weightless polymers that seal up strands and give them silky supernatural suppleness. 

No matter how fine, delicate or thin your hair is, you literally cannot use too much of this light-as-air, barely-there frizz-repellant. Apply after conditioning on damp hair, then blow-dry for the tangle-proof texture of your dreams!

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