Easy Summer Braids: 3 Simple Braid Hairstyles for the Warmer Months

Love summer but can’t stand the feel of hair on your neck when it’s 85+ degrees outside? Join the club. The answer? Simple braid styles. After all, there’s nothing like spending time on a blowout only to throw it up into a messy bun out of pure desperation to stay cool to drive you insane.

But no more! This summer will be different. Why? Because now you have these super easy braid styles that’ll keep you feeling (and looking!) cool no matter how high the temps rise.

Whether you’ve got frizzy, fine, thick, heavy, long or short hair, we’ve got a braid style for you (including the double french braid everyone loves). Check out our “Braid-y Bunch” below for inspo. Happy braiding!

Simple Braid Style #1: Money Piece Braids

 For those of you with hair too short for big-time braids, you’re gonna want to check out these money piece braids that take glass bobs to a whole new level – not only by accenting your face but by keeping your strands out of your face so you stay cool.

To achieve this level of high shine, @rachelteetyler saturates her hair with Color Wow Dream Coat Anti-Humidity Spray before blowing it out with heat and a round brush. This heat-activated formula not only gives your hair an insanely glassy finish (seriously, check out the unbelievable shine in her video), it also wraps each strand in a water-proof seal, effectively humidity-proofing your hair for up to 3-4 shampoos.

For even more gloss, finish with a misting of Color Wow Extra Shine Spray.

Simple Braid Style #2: Boxer Braids (aka the Double French Braid)

 Who doesn’t love a good boxer braid? If you plan on spending the day outside (beach day, anyone?), this is perfect for keeping your hair up and away, and protected from gusts of wind that leave your hair knotty.

With this look, it’s important to use a serum to help weave tight, clean braids. When you do it without product, that’s when you start to see flyaways and stray hairs sticking out of your braids. @claudiagraziano loves using Color Wow Pop & Lock Glossing Serum for this exact reason. It’s unique half-oil, half-serum formula smoothes down the hair’s cuticles, allowing her to better grip her hair and seamlessly weave the strands together without them slipping out.

Double bonus: Pop & Lock gives your hair incredible shine, PLUS contains UV protection to keep your color safe. To finish, @claudiagraziano adds a light misting of Extra Shine Spray.

Simple Braid Style #3: Full and Thick Braids

This is the darling of all summer braids – super sweet and sophisticated and perfect for, say, a picnic in the park? The key to making these braids super thick and full is to use the pancaking method, which involves pulling each braid loop horizontally to create a fuller, thicker appearance.

In addition to using Pop & Lock to prevent hair from slipping out of the braids, @kirstenzellers loves finishing with Color Wow Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible Hairspray. This flexible hold styling spray lets you pull and mold to your liking, plus, it won’t yellow or distort your hair color, which is a major win for blondes like @kirstenzellers.

As summer heats up, braided hairstyles are the perfect mix of style and practicality. Easy summer braids keep your hair in place while adding a touch of elegance to your look.


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